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“You Know You Live in West Philly If…”

July 12, 2011

Photo from the blog Philly City Makes a Girl Gritty.


West Philly-based writer Liz Spikol aims her formidable wit at her neighborhood today with a Jeff Foxworthy-like (“You might be a redneck if…”) piece on the Philadelphia Magazine blog The Philly Post entitled “You Know You Live In West Philly If…”

A couple of choice lines:

You know You Live in West Philly if…

“The local pickup joint is in the back of an Eritrean restaurant.”

“In addition to lottery tickets and rolling papers, the convenience store sells organic laundry detergent for $13 and special-orders grass-fed beef.”

“The kids at the local park forgo Tag and Cops and Robbers in favor of roleplaying games that involve foam weaponry.”

“The neighborhood thrift store owner says she ran out of bow ties because “all the females who date females buy them.”

“A casual conversation on a neighborhood Internet forum can get ugly very quickly if someone says something mean about cats.”

There are 18 in all. Check them out. And if you think of any others, drop us a comment below.

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West Philly YMCA members on NBC’s Wake-Up Call

June 21, 2011

People in Philadelphia woke up to loud cheers from some West Philadelphia YMCA members yesterday morning.

Here’s the video.

View more videos at:

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Books Through Bars needs bags

November 22, 2010

The West Philly-based Books Through Bars always needs paper bags for their packages. So if you are thinking of throwing those bags in the recycling, why not just stroll down to the A-space at 4722 Baltimore Ave. and drop them off. You can bring them on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm when they pack books, or slip them through the mail-slot on the A-Space door any time.

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