Cats spotted near Windermere Court

January 16, 2011

This is from Linda Lee concerning cats spotted near the Windermere Court Apartments over the weekend, nearly a week since the fire there.

I actually just got a text from one of the Philly officers who saw a
cat this evening on the 48th st side of the building (in the area
behind Windermere Courts). He thinks it had a collar on and gave the
following description: a small multi color grey cat with short hair
and 2 back white legs and a small white tip on the tail. The cat kept
coming out of the basement of the building for food. He was going to
try to catch it, but hasn’t had any luck…

Here are photos of two cats that have been spotted. Leave a comment if you know anything about these two and we’ll pass along the info:

lost catlost cat

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  1. Project MEOW Says:

    If either look like any of the missing cats, please let us know and we will attempt a humane trapping session.

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