Big fundraiser next Saturday (May 20) to help West Philly cats and kittens

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Project MEOW, a West Philly-based non-profit, has been helping lost or abandoned cats and kittens to find new homes for 10 years since its inception in 2007. Project MEOW volunteers have also been helping to control local feral cat population through their Trap-Neuter-Return program. On Saturday, May 20, from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m., the organization that is mostly funded by donations is holding its first fundraiser at Greensgrow West (5123 Baltimore Ave.).

The event will feature wine, non-alcoholic drinks, and hors d’oeuvres from local businesses as well as live music. A variety of exciting items will be up for auction, including Phillies tickets, Barnes Foundation guest passes, and gift certificates from area restaurants. Raffle tickets for the auction will be available for purchase at the event and door prizes will be awarded. A playpen full of kittens will be there as well for your amusement!  Continue Reading

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Adopt a Cat: Anabel

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This week’s featured adoptable cat is Anabel, an adult female medium-sized “tuxedo” cat.

Anabel is a professional cuddler – she can be found on or near you at all times. She doesn’t have many demands, just needs you to cuddle her immediately upon getting home. She will also require the use of your lap, the space by your pillow, and your back or stomach when you lie down.

Anabel2You must regularly scratch the spot between her front legs but not down any further! Also, she must purr in your ear at least ten minutes daily. If you are sad or feeling ill, she’ll find a place near you and stay there until you feel better. Finally, your undivided attention is required, so please don’t bring any other cats around. She plans on returning the favor, as she’ll be following you to any room and sleeping with you every night. But that is all. See? Anabel is not a diva!

Anabel prefers to be in a one-cat home.

She is spayed, FeLV and FIV negative, current with shots, treated for fleas and worms, and is litter box trained.

To adopt this cat please complete and return a PAWS adoption application to or mail it to: PO Box 32078, Philadelphia, PA 19146. The adoption application is available at the Baltimore Pet Shoppe (4532 Baltimore Ave), or online. Please use number A28564499 when applying to adopt this cat.

This cat is being fostered through the partnership of Project MEOW and PAWS. For additional information, contact

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Holiday “thank you” from local cat rescue organization

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A cat and a Christmas tree. (Photo from Project MEOW’s Facebook page)

If there’s anything this community knows it’s lost cats. A lost or abandoned cat’s best friend, the West Philly-based feline rescue organization Project MEOW, had a busy year helping stray cats and kittens find homes. They also help keep feral cat population under control through their TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program. Here are a few numbers from 2015 in Project MEOW’s holiday card to the community, and an important note that none of this work would have been possible without volunteers. To learn more about Project MEOW, visit their website or Facebook page.


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Adopt a Cat: Sundae

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This week’s featured adoptable cat is Sundae, a young female domestic medium-hair.

Personality Types: 1. Private Investigator: Sundae’s curiosity knows no bounds. She is always finding the hidden nooks and corners of your home. 2. Professional Cuddler: she can be found on or near you at all times.

Sundae is a very curious cat. When you open your closet or the door to another room, you can rest assured she will be at your heels ready to explore this interesting new space. If you open your window, make sure it has a screen because she’ll jump right up to the windowsill to stare out at the streets and listen to the cars and people outside.

She’ll start off kind of shy but will quickly warm up to you. Sundae loves being pet and will jump on the table next to you if you’re concentrating on your coffee or computer and demand attention! She also enjoys climbing onto the back of the chair you’re sitting on and nuzzling you from behind.

Occasionally, she’ll go on to your lap. Of course, she’ll let you know when she’s had enough with petting or playing with a little swipe or nip.  Continue Reading

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Adopt a Cat: Teeter

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This week’s Project MEOW-featured adoptable cat is Teeter, a young male Domestic Short Hair cat. Teeter is a professional cuddler and can be found on or near you at all times.



Teeter was found hanging around a community garden, very skinny and limping (thus the name). After a few weeks of cage rest and regular feedings, he is all better. Teeter loves to be around people, and to be petted. He can be talkative and spunky. He is a cat with character who would love to share your home!

Teeter is neutered, FeLV and FIV negative, current with shots, treated for fleas and worms, and is litter box trained.

This cat is being fostered through the partnership of Project MEOW and PAWS. To adopt Teeter please complete and return a PAWS adoption application. It is available at the Baltimore Pet Shoppe (4532 Baltimore Ave.) or online. Application and adoption fee ($50.00) applies. Please use number A29300909 when applying to adopt this cat.

For additional information, please email:

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Adopt a Cat: Cricket

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Project MEOW, a West Philly-based feline rescue group, is stepping up their efforts of helping stray and feral cats and kittens in the area. But they need your help. Check out this creative poster distributed in the neighborhood.


To help Project MEOW, which is a volunteer-run organization, and their rescues, we’ll be publishing a series of posts with information on cats available for adoption. Today, we are presenting the first adoptable kitty named Cricket.  Continue Reading

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