Healing Herbal Tea

March 9, 2018 6:00 pm

Greensgrow West

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Learn about the traditional healing properties of herbal teas! Get out of your winter blahs and get find out what you can do with all of those lovely herbs that are coming our way this season. Our instructor, Nicole Boice of Oma Herbal Teas will give you a brief history of herbal teas, demonstrate proper brewing and steeping techniques to get the most nutrition and medicinal benefit out of a cup of tea, and discuss the traditional medicinal properties of 5 different herbs.

You’ll get hands-on mixing your own custom tea blends to take home along with a handout that highlights terms discussed in the class. Greensgrow will have herb starts for sale for those interested in growing their own.

Nicole Boice is the owner of Oma Herbal Teas, a small herb farm in Schwenksville, PA. She grows, dries and packages herbs for unique tea blends and tinctures. She discovered herbs and their restorative properties through her time spent working as a vegetable farmer. For years she explored and experimented with medicinal herbs–studying them, foraging them, growing them and tasting them to experience their effects and flavors. In 2015, she started Oma. She is passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge and carefully grown and mixed herbal blends with the local community.


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