New security camera mapping program lets public know who’s watching them

February 1, 2013


CommunityCam maps public and private security cameras in the city.

Using surveillance videos in solving a crime has become a common practice for law enforcement officials since many businesses, organizations and individuals now install security cameras as a safety measure. But what about simple folks who need this information but don’t have access to it? In an effort to help residents prevent and solve crime, has recently rolled out the CommunityCam program that maps public and private security cameras throughout Philadelphia. The program is first launching in our city, with a goal to eventually expand nationwide.

Anyone can use the map either for locating cameras that may have captured a criminal activity or for choosing a safer walking route. The map is crowdsourced so any resident, business owner, neighborhood group, or government organization can add locations of surveillance cameras to help their neighbors.

“Unfortunately, information about security cameras has not been made available to the public so someone who has been hurt, wronged, or worse does not have access to all the resources that could help make things right. With this effort, we hope that neighbors will start working together to help each other and to make all cities and towns safe,” said Josh Daniels, President of

A neighbor, Stephanie, said that the program is interesting, too, because it’s crowdsourced – so neighbors and residents can help each other out. “As a young(ish) single woman, new to Philadelphia, this makes me feel more secure,” said Stephanie.

Here’s how you can use CommunityCam:

– Visit

– Navigate the map using the directional arrows

– Click the blue balloons to see addresses for and types of cameras

– If you have an outdoor surveillance camera, you’re encouraged to add it to the map.

4 Comments For This Post

  1. multilectical Says:

    Wow, this is so exciting. Being under constant surveillance really helps make me feel safer. There’s nothing quite like an inescapable network of security cameras, organized informants and police bullets to keep us moving further west.

    But the existence of maps like this could also pose an obvious provocation to vandals like these:

  2. GoldenMonkey Says:

    I’m fairly confident the family of Melissa Ketunuti whose killer was found only a few days after the murder would disagree with your hysterical POV.

    “Police bullets to keep us moving further west”? Please do tell.

  3. nb Says:

    No guarantee that any of the feeds from these cameras are actually monitored or recorded, do NOT let this give you a false sense of security.

  4. King Cheetah Says:

    Orwell would be pleased.

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