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Partially declawed grey & white cat found on 49th and Chester

Posted on 15 July 2014 by


A neighbor found a very friendly grey and white cat a few days ago on her porch at 49th and Chester. The cat is declawed on his front paws and looks to be neutered.

He is pretty big and has two different colored eyes – one green and one mottled brown, which may be due to an injury. He’s very thin but was clearly once someone’s pet. He is mostly grey with dark grey stripes, a spotted white belly and white muzzle.

The neighbor is concerned that the cat may not survive outdoors without claws.

If you have any information about this cat, please contact Katie at kdericks at gmail dot com


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Black cat with white marking found near 47th and Locust

Posted on 03 December 2013 by WPL


This sweet little black cat (possibly female) with a white marking on her neck has been hanging around 47th and Locust for days, according to West Philly Local reader Sarah. Last night the cat was camped out on Sarah’s doormat when she got home.

Sarah was afraid that the cat wouldn’t survive the cold, so she brought her in and she’s now living in her basement. If this is your cat or if you have any information about her, please contact Sarah at:

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Black & white male cat found near Presbyterian Medical Center

Posted on 30 October 2013 by


A young black & white male (unneutered) cat was found this morning on the grounds of Presbyterian Medical Center at 39th and Filbert and taken to Morris Animal Refuge. He was found wandering around outside “wet and sad” and appeared to be lost, according to a West Philly Local reader who works at the center. The cat is very friendly. He was wearing a flea collar.

For more information, please contact Darcy at or call Morris Animal Refuge at 215-735-9570.

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Lethargic, dehydrated cat found in Clark Park

Posted on 19 July 2013 by WPL


This cat was found lying on the edge of the Clark Park bowl on Thursday, July 18. She was severely lethargic and dehydrated, according to a neighbor, Bethany, who found her. The cat is now in Bethany’s house and is doing better after a little air conditioning, food, and water (see photo). She is not microchipped, and looks like she has been outside for a while, but doesn’t look like a stray  – she is very friendly.

If you recognize this cat as a stray or someone’s pet please contact Bethany at: If the owner is not found, Bethany says that she will not be able to keep her in her home, so if anyone is interested of taking care of her please let Bethany know.

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Do you know this cat?

Posted on 17 July 2013 by WPL

Foundcat1 This cat seems to be lost and looking for its owners around 44th/45th and Osage, according to residents who live on that block. A neighbor, Andrew, writes that the cat is “good with humans, seems relatively well fed, and is jumpy in the outside, so my only guess is that this is an indoor cat that has lost his way.”

If you are its owner, please email Andrew at: for more information.

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Found orange cat (44th & Walnut)

Posted on 13 July 2013 by WPL

FoundOrangeCatA reader, April, has found an orange and white cat on her porch near 44th and Walnut. He/she seems obviously cared for but lost outside, according to April. The cat has a bell and a pet watch tag that was never registered but it seems that the cat had been adopted from PAWS.

If it is your cat please call 215 510 1798.

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