Updates on bike thefts and other crime, including 14-year-old arrested for string of Powelton robberies

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This is a follow up to some of the crime reports we published in the last two weeks and a report of a recent arrest in connection with multiple robberies in Powelton.

Shootings on 5200 block of Irving

So far no arrests have been made in connection with the shooting incidents on the 5200 block of Irving St. that left two men seriously wounded. Police said that they have persons of interest but can’t arrest them because there are no witnesses, and the victims are not cooperating.

Gunpoint robberies on S. 50th Street

Police arrested two young men, both West Philly residents, in South Philadelphia on Thursday for a robbery similar to the robberies on S. 50th Street on Sept. 23. Another arrest was made earlier, and all the detained suspects are being looked at in relation to the robberies. In addition, the 18 Police District has assigned plainclothes and uniform cops to the area, which should “help slow things down” and already has, according to police.  Continue Reading

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Two people shot in separate incidents on 5200 block of Irving (updated with video)

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More information is available on the recent shootings near 52nd and Spruce where two young men were shot and hospitalized.

On Thursday, Sept. 24, a 24-year-old man was shot in the upper left thigh in a shootout on the 5200 block of Irving Street, according to police. The shooting was reported shortly after 9 p.m. Multiple shots were fired in what police believe was an exchange of gunfire between two suspects, black males in early 20’s, who opened fire on the block and another unidentified person, who was shooting back at them. Twenty-two various caliber shell casings were found on the block, and two vehicles parked on the block were struck by stray bullets, according to a police report. The victim was taken to Presbyterian Hospital where he was listed in critical but stable condition.  Continue Reading

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Surveillance video captures early morning porch bike theft near 45th and Locust (updated)

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UPDATE: According to police, the following bike thefts have been reported in the area since Sept. 24 in addition to the incident described below:

Sept. 24: 48th and Regent; 900 block of S. 46th St.
Sept. 26: 43rd and Sansom
Sept. 27: 200 block of S. 42nd; 200 block of S. 44th; 47th and Pine

A West Philly Local reader says that his two bicycles were stolen from his front porch on the 200 block of S. Melville Street in the early morning of Monday, Sept. 28. The whole incident was captured by a surveillance camera on the building (see image below). The stills from the video that we received show two young unidentified males checking out the bikes on the porch at 3:43 a.m. on Monday. The reader says that the video shows the same two men taking the bikes. The theft has been reported to the police.  Continue Reading

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12- and 11-year-old rob 13-year-old at gunpoint for iPhone at 42nd and Locust

Posted on 25 September 2015 by Mike Lyons

A Penn Alexander eighth grader was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday evening near 42nd and Locust by two boys, police said.

The eighth grader and a witness told police that at about 7 p.m. he got into an argument with two other boys, ages 11 and 12, when one produced a handgun and asked the victim to hand over his iPhone 6. The two boys fled and were later apprehended near 46th and Spruce. No gun was found, but police retrieved the phone.

We are not releasing the names of the any of the boys involved because of their ages.


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Man robbed at gunpoint by two young males wearing masks at 44th and Sansom

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Police are investigating a gunpoint robbery that took place on Monday night, shortly after 10 p.m. A 25-year-old man was walking on 44th street near Sansom when an unknown young male wearing a mask ran up to him from behind, pulled out a black handgun and demanded the man’s cell phone and wallet, according to police. Then the victim noticed another young male nearby, also wearing a mask. The gunman took the victim’s iPhone and the other robber took his wallet, according to a police report. Then both robbers fled in opposite directions. No injuries were reported. Suspects are described as black males, 18-21 years old, 5’9″ – 5’10”, both wearing masks covering their faces.

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Three men wounded in separate overnight shootings

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Police are investigating a double shooting near the intersection of 54th and Walnut Streets that sent two people to the hospital. Police say the shooting took place at around 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday when two 20-year-old male victims were approached by three suspects who asked them for the time. Then two of the suspects pulled out guns, and the young men started running away in opposite directions, according to a police report. The suspects opened fire at the fleeing men, wounding both of them. One victim was shot in the leg and the other was shot in the finger, according to police. They were taken to Presbyterian Hospital and listed in stable condition.  Continue Reading

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