Love Stories from the American Revolution

February 14, 2018 10:00 am

Woodford Mansion

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This Valentine’s week, the history of Woodford Mansion comes to life in the stories of the prominent families who lived there during the tumultuous period surrounding the American Revolutionary War. One can imagine a story worthy of Downton Abbey, when Loyalist, Jewish merchant David Franks fell in love with Philadelphia Quaker Margaret Evans. Their youngest daughter, Rebecca Franks was known for her wit and beauty, and married British Colonel Henry Johnson. Hear the story of Comptroller for the Crown Alexander Barclay and Ann Hickman Barclay, whose portraits hang in the front hall of Woodford Mansion. From Valentine’s Day, February 14th through Sunday, February 18th, visit Woodford Mansion to learn more about these tales of life and love during the American Revolution.


3200 N 33rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19132, USA

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