‘NOT COOL’: Three scribblers caught on video tagging new YOMI mural near 47th and Woodland

October 11, 2016


UPDATE: After publishing this post we received information that another Woodland Avenue business, Lil’ Pop Shop, located at 46th and Woodland, has also been recently tagged (see photo below). Here’s what Lil’ Pop Shop owner, Jeanne Chang, writes: “Our window on Woodland Ave was also tagged… Our cameras didn’t pick anything up, unfortunately, but it looks like the same color and writing.”

Even neophyte taggers know the ultimate rule: Don’t write over someone else’s work.

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-9-26-47-amApparently three amateurs either didn’t get that memo or didn’t care when they tagged a new YOMI mural commissioned and painted on the front of Philly Homebrew Outlet’s storefront near 47th and Woodland. The upside is that these geniuses were caught on video early Friday morning. So a little public shaming is in order.

In a YouTube video entitled “47th St Scum Vandals Taggers Caught On Camera,” two taggers are clearly seen from a couple of different angles defacing the mural.  Continue Reading

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Young man shot by an older man inside donut shop at 40th and Lancaster

July 20, 2016


Police have released surveillance video of a recent shooting at a donut shop at 40th and Lancaster and are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the shooter in the video. Police say an unknown male approached Fresh and Tasty Donuts at 4096 Lancaster Avenue on Sunday, July 17, at 7 a.m., and fired several shots through the glass door at the victim, a 20-year-old man, who was inside the shop. The shooter then quickly fled the area, according to police.

The victim was shot three times in the groin and was transported to Presbyterian hospital. He is expected to survive.

The suspect is described as black male, 45-50 years old, five feet eight inches tall, 180lbs, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, and armed with a handgun.  Continue Reading

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West Philly through the eyes of local band Post Sun Times (including Omar with a GoPro)

July 20, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.20.03 AM

A screen shot from the video for “West Philly Jawn” by Post Sun Times.

West Philly means a lot of things to a lot of people. We get a chance to see what it means to members of the band Post Sun Times in the video for their song “West Philly Jawn” posted on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Philly music magazine Jump, singer/guitarist Robin Carine noted that the band members grew up in North Jersey and that he himself has lived in West Philly since 2009.

The video includes a riff with Mike Fuller, the trolley poet, and few seconds of the world through Omar‘s eyes.  Continue Reading

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“Glen’s Village”: Must-see doc on West Philly kid, his mom and redemption

August 3, 2015


OK, first thing … You need to carve 30 minutes out of your day and watch the mini-documentary Glen’s Village, a film about a kid who grew up around 52nd and Haverford, was dealing crack by the 9th grade and is now, thanks to the strength of his mother and himself, a student at Penn. (It’s embedded below).

The film takes you through Glen’s childhood growing up with a dad who was, as one person in the film puts it, basically a “drug kingpin.” He was later deported to Jamaica, leaving Glen’s mother to raise him alone. It wasn’t going well as he entered his teens and by ninth grade Glen was regularly skipping school and selling drugs.

But at University City High School he turns it around. As one of the school’s star students, Glen testified before the School Reform Commission as it considered closing the school. UC High’s closure is an important part of the film, as is his work at Sayre High School, where he teaches part time to fulfill his scholarship obligations.  Continue Reading

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“Dr. X,” a new track about Ferguson from West Philly rappers Sterling Duns and RB Ricks

November 25, 2014

West Philly musicians Sterling Duns and RB Ricks have released a single in response to the events in Ferguson, Mo. “Dr. X.” was uploaded to YouTube in anticipation of the verdict in the grand jury investigation of police officer Darren Wilson.

A handful of protests are expected today in Philadelphia. The group People Utilizing their Real Power (PURP) (Facebook page) is leading a rally, along with clergy, that is scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m. From City Hall, the rally is expected to move along North Broad Street to Cecil B. Moore Avenue.

Here is “Dr. X”:

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West Philly-set The ‘G’ Word wins Sloppy Film Fest V Audience Prize

September 9, 2014



Phil Thomas (right) and The ‘G’ Word crew with their prize. (Photos courtesy of Phil Thomas)

The Sloppy Film Fest (Facebook page), a neighborhood festival of short DIY films, took place at the Beaumont Warehouse on Saturday and we hear it was a great success. Today, we present a film that won the Audience Prize for best film. The film is called The ‘G’ Word (“G” for “Gentrification”) and is mostly set in West Philly (Clark Park and Baltimore Avenue).

Phil Thomas wrote and directed the film (thanks, Phil, for sending us the info). The cast and crew are all West Philly folks: Phil, Andy Holman, John H Dukes, and Heidi M. Smithee. Phil hopes that you’ll enjoy the film and says that his crew will be shooting more movies in West Philly.

Here it is:

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