A dog attacked, bitten by another (off-leash) dog at Woodlands Cemetery

March 1, 2013

DogBiteEarlier this week we posted an announcement from a reader, Nati, who was looking for the owners of a dog that had bitten him while he was riding his bike. Nati was trying to prevent a painful series of rabies shots and, fortunately, the dog owner stepped forward after the publication.

Here’s another, disturbing account of a dog attack that happened yesterday at The Woodlands Cemetery. Reader Krissy Kim reported that while on a walk with her dog at the cemetery another, off-leash dog approached them, attacked and bit her dog. Here’s what Krissy wrote in an email:

“Yesterday, Thursday 2/28, my husband and I were walking our dog on leash at Woodlands Cemetery. Another dog off leash approached her, they greeted each other appropriately (the owner was still about 50 yards away) when all of the sudden the dog attacked our dog, my husband had to pull him off and body block him during his second lunge for our dog. The dog bit her on the back of the neck and didn’t let go until my husband again pulled him off. At this point the owner was there and did nothing but say, “relax there is no blood”. He then proceeded to get in his car with his dog and drive away. After they left and we checked our dog, he indeed took a small chunk out of her neck (see photo). The vet visit with her antibiotics cost $75.”

According to the cemetery rules, dog walking is allowed, but all dogs have to be on a leash.

Krissy is urging the dog owner to come forward and take responsibility for what his dog did. Krissy says that she has information on this person’s car and license plate number. She described the attacking dog as a medium (40 pound) brindle mixed breed.

She adds, “On  the heels of the “biker being bitten” story hopefully this will continue to be an example of how we all need to step up and be responsible pet owners for the sake of our community.”

Krissy can be reached by email:

Editor’s Note: We would appreciate any comments except for those blaming certain dog breeds instead of irresponsible owners.

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Dog bites neighbor, rabies shots needed, owner sought

February 24, 2013

A West Philly resident, Nati Passow, was bitten by a dog last night while he was biking down Larchwood Avenue between 44th and 45th Streets. He is looking for the dog’s owner to see if the dog was up to date on all of his shots, in order to avoid a series of rabies shots. Here’s what Nati wrote us in an email:

On Saturday night around 9:45 I was biking down Larchwood between 45th and 44th. A woman was walking her dog and the dog ran at me. She called after him (that’s how I know the name), but Clyde proceeded to bite my leg. It’s not too bad of a bite, but it broke skin, so I went to HUP, and because I didn’t know the dog, they started me on the rabies vaccine. I’d really prefer not to have to get the remaining 3 doses, and they said that if I track down the owners and learn that Clyde has gotten all of his shots, I’m good to go.

If you know someone in the area with a dog named Clyde, please put them in touch with me. It was a very quick interaction, but I believe Clyde was a big dog, slender build, with a lighter colored coat.

If you know anyone in the neighborhood who has a dog named Clyde that fits the provided description, please email Nati as soon as possible at, as he will need to return to HUP in three days for the next dose.

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Adopt-a-Dog: Buckley

February 22, 2013

BuckleyThis black and white cutie is somewhere between one and two years old, and was transferred into ACCT Philly by one of their rescue partners. He has some basic commands mastered, so it seems that at one point he may have had a family. He’s looking to get back into a home so he can work on ‘snuggle’ with his new family.

Buckley is a young boy with some energy to burn. But, he also likes to sit in the lap of his human for some quiet time. Buckley knows “sit” and is starting to figure out “down.” He enjoys playing with toys (stuffing-free please) and running around the play yard. Buckley is learning to walk like a good boy on an easy-walk harness (it helps to reduce the amount of pulling that he does on a traditional leash and collar) and will check in with his human to see if he’s doing a good job.

Buckley is eager to meet new dogs and with slow introductions does very well with them.

If you are interested in meeting this sweet boy, head on down to ACCT with your family (and your dog if you already have one). You can find him at 111 West Hunting Park Avenue. Buckley is part of the Pen Pal Program at ACCT and has two volunteers dedicated to finding him a great home or foster care. His Pen Pals also spend quality time with him trying to keep him as stress free as possible. Buckley’s Pen Pals also work on teaching him to be the best dog he can be, socializing him with people and other dogs, teaching him some basic commands and giving him plenty of snuggles. If you have any questions about Buckley or adopting from ACCT, please email his pen pals: or

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Adopt-a-Dog: Chili

February 8, 2013

chiliChili is one of the ACCT shelter pups that have a cold and need a warm couch to recover. She is an extremely sweet middle aged gal looking for a new forever home. She came to the shelter as a stray so now she’s ready to hop into your home and love you forever!

Chili also has an adorable and awesome personality. She’s about five-six years old so she’s the perfect age for you if you are looking for a chilled out middle aged dog who wants nothing more than love and affection. She is full of personality and she always has a smile on her face. She is very well behaved and she is happy to do whatever you are doing, she’s just a go with the flow type of dog.

She’s easy to handle and she walks well on the leash. She is a dog who will be happy to go on a walk with you, go out to lunch with you, play with toys by your feet, or curl up in your lap. She really loves making new friends, especially people friends.

You might chuckle at her because she has a sausage-like body and a small head but it’s what makes her adorable! She could stand to get in better shape but it’s nothing a proper diet and some walks won’t fix! Chili loves her treats and also really loves to play fetch with a tennis ball and she doesn’t mind it when you take it from her to throw again. She did well with the dogs she has met so far at the shelter, especially ones who are chill and mellow like her.

Chili is a fun girl to be around and she can’t help but make everyone around her smile, so bring her home and she’ll make you smile every day. If you want to find out more information about this dog or if you would like to meet her you can email her two friends who hang out with her a lot at: or

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Clark Kent, famous rescue cat, dies

February 4, 2013


Clark Kent.

Many of our readers might remember a series of stories we published in the fall of 2011 about Clark Kent, an abandoned and starved cat found in Clark Park and rescued by our reader James. That story and the following stories were shared hundreds of times on our blog and by other media and animal rescue organizations, prompting people from all over the world to donate thousands of dollars for the cat’s expensive treatment (Clark Kent suffered from a severe kidney condition because he accidentally ate pieces of metal rummaging through garbage while trying to survive on his own for many days).

Unfortunately, Clark Kent lost his battle with the disease on Friday, as City Kitties, a local cat rescue organization announced on their Facebook page.

“He went peacefully at home, surrounded by his family, almost a year to the day after his adoption. We are thankful to everyone who allowed us to provide him comfort during the time he had left. We are especially grateful to Jackie for providing him with love, care and a wonderful home. RIP little guy,” the announcement reads.

Although we’re sad that Clark Kent wasn’t able to make it, it is comforting to know that he received so much support and had someone who loved and took care of him at the end of his life.

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Adopt (or foster) a dog: Penny

January 24, 2013

pennyPenny, a Pit Bull mix,  has been at the ACCT shelter for a while and the stress starts getting to her. She was brought to the shelter because her owner was moving and now she’s ready to find her forever home! Penny is a 48 pound adult, but she still has plenty of puppy energy. She’s a bit shy in her kennel, but when she’s outside, her tail never stops wagging. Penny’s favorite thing to do is lean against her friends at the shelter and snuggle. In fact, if you stop petting her, she will nudge you with her nose to get you going again. This is a girl who knows what she wants, and what she wants is to go home with her new family! Penny has lived with kids, other dogs, and cats. She already knows how to sit, and she’s working on more commands like “touch” and “leave it.” Best of all, she’s even housetrained!

Penny has been at the shelter way too long. If you think you can give this sweet girl a home, bring your whole family and any resident dogs down to the shelter to meet her today! Please make sure you have your landlord’s permission to own a dog such as Penny.

Email her pen pal at with any questions. To check the status of an animal, call 267-385-3800, email, or go to for more information.

Penny is up to date on her shots, microchipped and will be spayed before coming home with you. If you cannot adopt Penny permanently but would like to help anyways, fostering her and helping her find her forever home would not only help Penny but also another dog that could move into her kennel.

Check out this video about Penny:


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