A dog found at West Philly High School (updated)

January 7, 2015

UPDATE 2 (1/7/2015): We received a great update from the person who rescued the dog. The dog is now being fostered by a Project MEOW volunteer in West Philly and may be adopted!

UPDATE (12/30/2014, 12:30 p.m.): The dog has been picked up and is in foster care now. She doesn’t have tags or a microchip. She has minor abrasions, but otherwise is fine (not injured as it was reported earlier).

The person who is fostering the dog told us that she will try to keep her until her owner is found. If you have any information about the dog, or would like to contact this person please check out her Craigslist posting.

Earlier: A reader found this dog this morning outside West Philadelphia High School (49th and Chestnut). The dog’s leg appeared injured and he/she couldn’t be moved.

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1-year-old female cat needs a new home

December 26, 2014

Billie_cat1A West Philly resident, Laura, is seeking a new home for her lovely cat Billie. Due to personal circumstances, Laura can’t keep Billie.

“She’s staying with a friend now, but she can’t stay there indefinitely,” Laura wrote in an email.

Billie is about a year and a half old, very sweet and energetic. She likes playing around and cuddling in equal parts. She’s still pretty kitteny, but she is filling out nicely and has a beautiful coat and no special needs. “She can still have some spazz times where she zooms around and zips up the stairs, so she probably isn’t right for someone looking for a mellow sleepy cat (she does sleep a lot though), but she’d be just right for someone looking for a sweet and spunky kitty,” Laura writes.

Billie is fixed and up to date on her shots.

Laura can provide a litter box, a carrier, and a plethora of toys for her cat. Billie needs a long-term home, and may or may not get along with other cats. She might do well with a cat similar in age or who has not been in the house long, but probably won’t do well with a long-standing and territorial cat.

Laura can be reached at this email address: lj.brubaker[at]

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Small dog found at 48th and Springfield

December 5, 2014


This cute little pooch was found tonight at 48th and Springfield. The person who found it was able to find a shelter for the dog for the night. The dog has a collar, but no tags. It will be taken to the PSPCA in the morning. If you have any information about this dog or its owners please leave a comment below or email: editor[at]


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More abandoned dogs in Cedar Park?

November 12, 2014


A reader and Cedar Park resident, Gwen, sent us a letter wondering why there are more abandoned dogs in her area. She’s particularly referring to the 4900 block of Cedar Avenue where a few dogs have been found lately wandering about. Gwen and her neighbor found two large dogs (pictured) there on Monday. Here’s what she writes:

“I spent [Monday] afternoon trying to locate the owners of two enormous pitbulls with another West Philly resident. When I posted about the incident on Facebook, two different friends responded with stories of their own regarding discovering abandoned dogs at the same corner. Very disheartening, dangerous and cruel to the poor dogs, and dangerous for residents, their children, and their dogs. Who is abandoning these dogs? They were friendly, but seemed truly lost/abandoned, with no leashes or tags, and they were walking in the road. I can’t stop thinking about them.”

Unfortunately, these dogs’ owner was not found, but hopefully they will find a new, better home soon. Gwen says that after a couple of hours of knocking on doors, checking in with the Baltimore Pet Shoppe, and borrowing rope from the block captain, the person who first found them took them to the ACCT Philly shelter. “They will be ready for fostering and adoption as of this evening,” Gwen writes.

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West Philly in Pictures: Be very quiet …

November 5, 2014


We spotted this intrepid hunter keeping a close eye on a patch of ivy – more specifically, the birds in the ivy – along the 4600 block of Baltimore Avenue this week.

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Lost Pomeranian, last seen at 50th and Market

October 3, 2014

A neighbor, Lauren, needs help locating her dog, a Pomeranian named Jason, who got out very late Thursday night/early Friday morning. He was last seen near 50th and Market. “Jason means the world to me,” writes Lauren.

Lauren created this sweet poster to spread the word about Jason.


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