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Harvest Seasonal closes its location at 40th and Walnut

Posted on 25 April 2017

Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar has closed its location at 40th and Walnut after nearly five years of operation. It seems that the restaurant never recovered after a January fire and the water damage it sustained in the aftermath. What seemed like a temporary closing has now become permanent, according to The Daily Pennsylvanian. The 40th and Walnut location is no longer listed on the restaurant website.

The University of Pennsylvania, which owns the building, is currently looking for a new tenant to occupy the restaurant space on the first and second floor of the building. “The goal is to find a tenant that will appeal to both the University and surrounding community — there is no timeline at this time for a new opening,” Penn’s Executive Director of Real Estate Ed Datz told The DP.

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Dock Street Brewing Co. to open tasting room and beer cannery

Posted on 21 April 2017

Dock Street Cannery & Tasting Room will open on April 27 at 4 p.m. (Photos by Rana Fayez).


Starting Thursday, April 27, you’ll be able to buy some Dock Street Brewery beer, such as No Exit double IPA, Jip the Blood Berliner weisse and Golden IPA, in cans. Customers will be able to see the canning line in action at the new tasting room, which will be located right around the corner from the restaurant on 50th street.

Dock Street head brewer Mark Russell (right).

Why is this recent shift in product packaging? Head brewer Mark Russell says that’s where the beer industry is headed.

“Craft beer, in general, is heading towards cans. Lots of other breweries are also looking at cans, it’s something you can take outdoors. When you look at shipping costs, cans are a lot cheaper, too,” said Russell.

Russell went on to further advocate for beer in cans as a preferred format due to their ability to contain less air and allow less light in, two aspects that affect beer. Dock Street hopes to offer Summer in Berlin and Man Full of Trouble in cans soon as well.

The tasting room will be offering a curated selection of cocktails in addition to the beer. On the shelves, there will be a rotating selection of Pennsylvania liquors like Faber. However, if you’re trying to order one of the restaurant’s famous pizzas in the new space, you won’t be able to. The tasting room will stick to providing a seasonal snack menu from different vendors throughout the area.  Continue Reading

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It’s official: Acme to replace Fresh Grocer after signing lease for supermarket space at 40th and Walnut

Posted on 10 April 2017

After months of rumors, we can confirm that Acme will run the grocery store at 40th and Walnut Streets currently operated by Fresh Grocer. In their Monday’s joint press release, the University of Pennsylvania and Acme Markets have announced the signing of a lease to develop a new supermarket at 40th and Walnut that will include a wine and beer shop and a Starbucks.

According to the press release, the new store will “offer an expansive variety of the freshest produce, top quality meats and seafood, and a large selection of natural, gluten‐free, organic, and local products” and will include indoor and outdoor seating. The University City ACME will also “feature a sushi and noodle bar, a guacamole station, a Starbucks, and a beer and wine shop.”  Continue Reading

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Penn’s deadline for Fresh Grocer at 40th and Walnut to move out is today

Posted on 31 March 2017

Workers at the Fresh Grocer at 40th and Walnut were erecting a new sunscreen display near the checkout lines this morning, getting the store ready for the spring. Nothing strange about that, except that the store was supposed to close today for good to make way for a new supermarket operator.

Fresh Grocer’s property lease expires today, March 31, according to the University of Pennsylvania’s Facilities and Real Estate Services office. The office manages Penn’s vast holdings in West Philadelphia and has plans for the space that do not include Fresh Grocer.

“Penn has notified Fresh Grocer that its lease will expire on March 31 and that it must vacate the store by that date,” spokeswoman Jennifer Rizzi wrote in an e-mail on March 30. “However, Fresh Grocer rejects Penn’s position that the lease expires on that date, so we do not know whether they will vacate the store on March 31.”  Continue Reading

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From Sam’s Place to Earth Cup to Coffee Market: Celebrate the shop’s 10th anniversary this Saturday (sponsored)

Posted on 29 March 2017

Coffee Market (Facebook page), the locally-owned coffee shop at 45th and Pine, re-opened 10 years ago under new management, in the space where Sam’s Place used to be, one of the oldest coffee shops in the neighborhood! This Saturday (on April Fools Day!), owner Natasa Brkanin is inviting everyone to celebrate her shop’s 10th anniversary with all day long specials, events, and some delicious coffee sampling! Check out this flier for more details:

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A family-friendly, pop-up beer garden on a decrepit West Philly block?

Posted on 22 March 2017

Longtime West Philly resident Jeff Lutzner pitches “Pentridge Station,” a playground/park/beer garden proposed for a vacant lot on the 5100 block of Pentridge Street (Photo by West Philly Local).

A longtime West Philly resident is gambling that people will want to travel down a troubled street that is lined with abandoned cars, empty buildings and a quasi-legal automotive shop that sometimes hosts raucous outdoor parties during which shots have been fired to visit his kid-friendly, pop-up beer garden.

It sounds risky, but several people who attended last night’s Cedar Park Neighbors zoning committee meeting to discuss the proposed seasonal beer garden in an abandoned lot on the 5100 block of Pentridge Street said they will support it. Jeff Lutzner, a longtime resident and block captain on the 4900 block of Cedar Avenue, owns the lot and hopes that the beer garden/playground might bring some much-needed attention to the block.

“We really want it to be a place where families could convene,” Lutzner told the 30 or so people gathered at the meeting.  Continue Reading

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