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Armed men break into, rob fraternity house near 42nd and Baltimore

August 28, 2014


Upsilon Sigma Phi fraternity house. (Photo West Philly Local)

Police are searching for two armed men who forced their way into and robbed a fraternity house at 42nd and Pine near 42nd and Baltimore Wednesday morning at around 2 a.m.

The fraternity members in the house, the University of Sciences students, were hosting a birthday party at the time, NBC10 reports. Students at Upsilon Sigma Phi fraternity house answered a knock on the door. The gunmen ordered the students to the ground, took cash – much of the fraternity’s newly collected dues from a safe in the house – and fled, according to police. One of the students was also attacked during the invasion as he told NBC10.

Penn and the University of Sciences planned to issue safety alerts to their students today.

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Suspect caught after gunpoint robbery at 50th and Walton

August 26, 2014

crimePolice arrested a 36-year-old man after he allegedly robbed at gunpoint a 24-year-old man near 50th and Walton.The robbery took place on Monday night, around midnight, after the victim, a Penn student, exited the 34 Trolley at 50th, according to information provided by his friend.

The suspect followed the young man onto Walton Avenue, then approached him, pointed a black handgun at him and demanded his wallet, according to police. The suspect took the young man’s backpack that contained his tablet, phone, wallet and other small items. After the robbery the suspect fled on foot.

Police surveyed the area and apprehended the suspect near 60th and Christian Streets. Police recovered the phone and $80 from the suspect. The backpack was found on the street. Police also found and confiscated a black long barreled revolver.

Police say that the same suspect was involved in a robbery that took place on August 21, at around 11:40 p.m., when a woman was robbed near 48th and Hazel. Police also confiscated a Canon camera from the suspect that was taken from the woman during the robbery.


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Two protesters arrested after skirmish with police near 45th and Baltimore on Saturday

August 24, 2014

Part of the police presence near 45th and Springfield on Saturday evening during a rally in Clark Park related to recent events in Ferguson, Mo. A small group of protesters, most of whom did not attend the rally, later clashed with police (Photo by Mike Lyons/West Philly Local).

A 20-year-old female, a Cedar Park resident, and 25-year-old male from New Windsor, New York were arrested Saturday evening after they threw balloons filled with paint at a police vehicle near 45th and Baltimore.

The incident happened around 8:30 p.m. when a group of young people exited Clark Park “A” onto Chester toward 45th Street following a rally focused on the events in Ferguson, Mo. The members of the group did not take part in the rally and arrived as it was dispersing.

The group walked north on 45th Street and overturned trashcans, according to police. Approximately 20 police vehicles were parked in the area at the time, many of them on 45th Street between Chester and Baltimore.

Police say 20-year-old Hannah Weaver of the 4700 block of Baltimore Ave. threw a balloon filled with purple paint at a police car patrolling the area as she walked north on 45th Street. An officer who was in the car apprehended Weaver after a brief foot chase and struggle.

Two other officers exited their vehicle and pursued a male protester, identified as 25-year-old Jordan Davis of New Windsor, NY, after he also threw paint-filled balloons at police vehicles. One officer “deployed his Taser with no effect”, according to the police report, and Davis was apprehended after a brief struggle.

Police say that they found numerous leaflets in Weaver’s bag titled “Hoods UP!” recommending that protesters wear scarves or bandanas to avoid detection during a demonstration.

The estimated damage to the police vehicles is approximately $5,000, according to police. It is unclear whether Weaver and Davis have been charged.

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Gunpoint robbery at Baltimore Avenue barbershop

August 20, 2014

crimePolice are investigating a gunpoint robbery Monday night at a barbershop at 4702 Baltimore Avenue.

Police say two men entered the Hair Lounge at about 10:50 p.m. and demanded cash and property from patrons and employees. Both robbers were armed with silver handguns and one of the men fired a shot into the ceiling of the storefront business during the robbery, according to police. At least four people were robbed, but no one was injured during the robbery.

The robbers made off with wallets, cash, cell phones and even car and house keys. One phone was recovered after police contacted the carrier, which tracked the phone to the 1100 block of S. 47th. Police also recovered a silver revolver from inside the barber shop.

Police pursued one of the men, but lost him on the 4800 block of Baltimore Avenue. A witness chased the other man southeast and lost him near 46th and Springfield.


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Media Report: Aggressive Please Touch Museum area panhandler arrested

August 18, 2014

A man who was allegedly approaching cars and people in West Fairmount Park and demanding money in recent weeks, has been arrested. Described as a white male in his late 30s/early 40s, the man was aggressively approaching mostly women with young children near the Please Touch Museum and other family-friendly areas, according to reports. Police were informed and were on the lookout and caught up with the unidentified man Sunday outside the Philadelphia Zoo, NBC10 reports.

Several people posted on social media about encounters with the panhandler. He approached a West Philly woman last Wednesday at Belmont and Lansdowne and told her that he was a Temple University professor and that his name was Shawn Sullivan. He told the woman, who posted about her experience on the TotLot listserv, that his wife and kids had been in a car accident and that he needed a ride to the scene of the accident or some money. He told many others similar stories, according to NBC10. He even approached the NBC10 news van and asked for cash while they were filming a news report about him after hearing of complaints. In some cases, the man was loud, looked agitated and was aggressive, especially when people refused to give him money.

We’ll update when we have more information.

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Three men sought after gunpoint robbery at 44th and Chestnut

August 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.09.11 AM

The robbery took place near 44th and Chestnut.

Police are searching for three young men who robbed a man and a woman near 44th and Chestnut early Tuesday morning and are asking residents to apply caution while walking at night in the area. The victims, both 23, were walking along 44th Street at about 12:45 a.m. and were approached by three young men who pointed guns at them and demanded their belongings. Two of the men were on bikes and the third was on foot, police say. The men on bikes were armed with black handguns.

The suspects took the man’s cell phone and wallet and the woman’s cell phone and backpack. The woman was also groped during the robbery, according to police. The male victim chased down the suspect who was on foot, fought with him and was able to retrieve the backpack and one of the cell phones, police said. Police also recovered one of the bikes on 45th street.

Police have provided descriptions of the suspects:

Suspect #1: Black male, 18 years old, 5-7”, black hoodie, blue jeans, black revolver.

Suspect #2: Black male, 20 years old, 5-10”, black revolver.

Suspect #3: Black male, 6-1”, 185-190 lbs., short hair, white t-shirt, 18-19 years old, blue jeans, white sneakers.

If you have any information about the suspects please call Southwest Detectives at 215-686-3183, 3184 or 3189.

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