Rick Krajewski defeats longtime incumbent Jim Roebuck in 188th District primary

June 16, 2020

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The 188th State House District, which encompasses West Philadelphia neighborhoods of Spruce Hill, Walnut Hill, Squirrel Hill, Garden Court, Cedar Park, and University City, will likely have a new representative after the November election for the first time in 35 years. Community organizer, criminal justice advocate, educator and artist Rick Krajewski has defeated longtime incumbent Jim Roebuck in the June 2 primary. The primary winner is almost assured of winning the seat in the November general election.

Krajewski was endorsed by City Councilmember Jamie Gauthier and Senator Bernie Sanders among others and far outspent Roebuck and fellow challengers – Ward leader Gregory Benjamin and former Roebuck aide Karen Dunn. 

Krajeski won just over 46 percent of votes cast. Roebuck finished second with 27 percent and Benjamin and Dunn garnered about 13 percent each.

Results were delayed to count the large number of mail-in ballots cast.

Krajewski announced his win on Monday, June 15 via Twitter:

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  1. Gabriel Gottlieb Says:

    So another long-time committed Democrat is replaced by a guy no one ever heard of, whose campaign was funded by a suspicious amount of money, and who was endorsed by a politician whose campaign was funded by a business group, to force out another long-term committed Democrat, and endorsed by the poster child for sabotaging the Democratic Party.

  2. Mike Says:

    Though he’s someone who “no one ever heard of” you certainly seem to know a lot about him, Gabriel! And that platform: housing reform, criminal justice reform, and the Green New Deal? Scandalous! Sabotage! Who could support such things?

  3. Lisa Kidd Says:

    Is Mr. Krajewski related to Joan Krajewski? Longtime member of Philadelphia City Council?

  4. A.D. Says:

    Let’s face it: Democratic Party machine politics is completely uninspiring in Philadelphia, just as it is elsewhere.

    As new figures like Nikil Saval and Rick Krajewski join already established progressives like Helen Gym, Kendra Brooks and Larry Krasner in running against the current, we will have to consider this an experiment. With any and all experiments one must analyze what worked well, what didn’t work and try to analyze the reasons why…

  5. george Says:

    I’m with Gabriel. I sense the long hand of corporate neoliberalism successfully employing “social justice” rhetoric as NYC developers take over West Philly.

  6. Brenda Bonhomme Says:

    While I’m aware of the local dynamics, it’s interesting how easily this happened. State level matters aren’t as malleable as local challenges. That said, let’s hope the wisdom that has been developed over the years can be shared/transfered. There’s a lot at stake. This historically blue state is at best purple now.

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