Developers to talk about future of former Provident Insurance building at 46th and Market at Thursday’s Walnut Hill zoning meeting

January 16, 2019

Last month, Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell halted a vote in City Council on the sale of the former Provident Mutual Life Insurance building to local real estate developer Iron Stone, who had proposed to convert the site at 46th and Market into a public health campus. This Thursday, Jan. 17, Iron Stone representatives will talk about the future of the site at a zoning meeting organized by the Walnut Hill Community Association.

Community members are invited to attend the meeting and voice their opinions.

The meeting will take place at the Enterprise Center (4548 Market St), beginning at 6 p.m.


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  1. jJames Says:

    Jannie Blackwell has done a lot of damage to the city’s ability to attract new businesses to relocate here. She has not divulged her reasons for “asking” her fellow Councilmembers to decline to vote.

    The same developers briefed community groups before. And the problem clearly is Jannie, not the developers. By now, she should have her facts in order and I woncer if rhe RCO meeting is a process for her to save her face by greenlighting this on to a City Council vote THIS month, not next month or the following month. Saving face is important on her part lest this roadblock serve to revertebrate among the development community.

    Once the developers leave, word will spread around and others will decline to consider investment in Philadelphia. Jannie has to get her act together and allow this project to go ahead in order for her community to get the benefit of a thriving development at 4601 Market St.

  2. West Philly Says:

    There needs to be something in it for Jannie. She like many councilpersons have no idea how to run a business, build or manage something, or work for a living. She does know how to stay in office.

  3. Facebayne Says:

    James and West Philly work for developers?

  4. Eric W. Brown Says:

    It’s the public fault. No one wants to run against her,she gets re-elected. Her tenure is way too long,like the rest of them. Very colonial. Great eyes,fresh minds needed in Philadelphia,as well as in Congress.

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