UCD issues crime alert after two gunpoint robberies

January 9, 2019

Two armed robberies have been reported in the University City area in the past few days, according to a crime alert issued by University City District’s Division of Public Safety. One robbery took place around 7:40 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 4 on the 4600 block of Ludlow, and the second occurred on Sunday, Jan. 6 at 9:30 p.m. on Farragut near Walnut Street. In both cases, iPhones were taken from pedestrians walking at night.

Both UCD Public Safety Ambassadors and Philadelphia Police will have an increased presence in the area, according to the report. 

Just a reminder that UCD offers walking escorts in the area. If you are in need of a walking escort please call 215-387-3942 between 10 a.m. and 3 a.m., seven days a week.


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  1. West Philly Says:

    That’s one reason I have an Android. Seriously, I wonder if they were walking and talking at night and fell victim to the lowlife apple pickers. Word of caution. Don’t advertise your phone at night. Don’t walk alone if you can help it. No description: any hoodies involved?

  2. The Robbery Information Is Below Says:

    This item just glosses over the real robbery matters.

    Here are the facts:

    1) 4 robberies in roughly the last 5 days. 3 of these robberies we’re clearly gunpoint robberies. In the other, a firearm was not displayed but was likely available.

    2) The Jan. 4th robbery near 46th and Ludow Sts. was armed. There was also a robbery on the 4500 block of Baltimore on this day too. Make your bet that these are related.

    3) The January 6th armed robbery on Walnut/Farragut She., like the 46th/Ludlow was at night.

    4) In the following 24 hours or so after the Jan. 6th armed robbery, there was an armed robbery at or near 51st Street and Cedar Ave.

    5) The Jan. 4, Jan. 6, and ~Jan. 7th armed robberies all involve iPhone and personal property theft by force or threat of force. A handgun was present here and in the case of the Jan. 6th armed robbery, the gun was identified as a Glock.

    6) The perpetrators apparently operate as follows: a) at night or overnight; b) as a team of 2; c) they ask for subway “directions”; d) they are young, no older than early 20s; e) facial hair is limited; f) they are approximately 5’8″each and are African-American males.

    7) As the above indicates, the armed robbers are roaming an area from roughly Market Street to Baltimore Ave. and roughly 46th Street to 52nd Street.

    Be aware and know your surroundings, these armed robbers are a bit inefficient in their technique and that can result in an increased risk of a firearm shooting.

    Good luck with this information. As usual, University City District and others are under-reporting the severity and scope of these violent and felonious crimes.

    (All information is through a combination of collected city crime incidents and social media statements by victims or their proxies.)

  3. Droid Walker Says:

    Have all of the stolen phones been iPhones? Or is that just extrapolating from a trend?

  4. More Night-Time Armed Robberies Says:

    2 armed robberies on 50th street near each other on Thursday, January 10th.

    First, 50th and Larchwood, ~8:15 p.m. Second, 50th and Hazel, ~9 p.m.

    Individual perpetrator. No further information supplied on social media.

  5. Another Armed Robbery, 51st and Walton St. Says:

    Newly reported robbery on 51st and Walton Streets per city crime incident records.

    This now makes 8 robberies in the last 8 days, formally or informally announced. 7 of the robberies have been armed robberies.

    The robberies listed above are occurring in the area roughly described as 46th to 52 Streets, Market Street to Baltimore Ave.

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