Adopt a cat: Bowsers

January 9, 2019

Bowsers is available for adoption.

Project MEOW, the West Philly-based cat rescue organization, has many cats and kittens available for adoption.

This month’s spotlight cat is Bowsers, a rambunctious black kitty with a big personality. Bowsers entered Project Meow’s world voluntarily, when he followed one of our volunteers home one night in September. Because of the sheer volume of cats in need of being spayed and neutered, Project MEOW TNRs (Trap-Neuter-Return) many of the strays they find, and releases them back to where found.

He was not happy in his trap while we initially took care of him and had his vet work done, but since he has been with his foster mom, he has put on weight and his coat has become healthy and sleek, and he’s much happier. 

Bowser’s foster mom describes him as “a toddler crossed with a tornado”, and this cat may fit in best with an energetic family who loves playtime. He is endlessly curious and loves to taste, play with everything, and explore. His foster mom has even leash trained him, which she said was “a snap” because he is so food-motivated and loves to be outside. However, he is not an outdoor cat and lacks street smarts, so he can only go outside with supervision or he might find himself in trouble.

Unlike most cats, Bowsers loves water! He will follow you into the shower, help out in the sink as you wash dishes, and drink water out of any container (Bowsers knows hydration is key). Some other fun facts: he’s a cuddler, sleeping on the pillow next to his foster mom, and loves to hunt. If you have a mouse problem at home, Bowsers may be part of the solution!

Other Project MEOW volunteers noted that Bowsers is very doglike (and currently lives with a dog), so he may be a good pet for a family who wants the energy and playtime that comes with a dog, without as much responsibility. Bowers is still very much a kitten, and as such plays with his mouth and claws – he’s learning, but he might not be the best home for young children because he can nip. A smart boy like this should be trainable to stop the behavior, like any “puppy” would be. Because of his endless enthusiasm, Bowsers has yet to find a permanent home, but if you think you can handle this energetic bundle of joy, you will be well rewarded with a loving, fun, and joyful pet.

Bowsers is neutered, FeLV and FIV negative, current on shots, treated for fleas and worms, microchipped and is litter box trained. If you are interested in adopting Bowsers, please click here.

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