Several West Philly businesses wake up to smashed windows, burglary this morning (updated)

October 19, 2018

Photo from The Green Line Cafe Facebook page.

Storefront windows of several West Philly businesses were smashed overnight and some businesses were burglarized, prompting a burglary report from the 18th Police District (see below).

The Green Line Cafe posted the following message on their Facebook page this morning:

Not what we wanted to wake up to at Locust Street this morning… No one was hurt. We’ll be opening late today, though.” 

UPDATE: The Farmacy restaurant at 45th and Spruce was burglarized overnight. Their 96-inch side window on the 45th street side was shattered, according to owner Danielle Coulter. Burglars also broke into the restaurant’s walk-in refrigerator, taking several pounds of meat.

“It’s going to cost us $2,700 to get it replaced. So it’s pretty upsetting to say the least,” Danielle says.

A week ago, on Friday, Oct. 12, the front door of Lil’ Pop Shop, located near 44th and Spruce, was smashed, along with Honest Tom’s and Tampopo, located on the same block, according to owner Jeanne Chang. She says that nothing was taken from her shop (it looks like the person didn’t get in). And two months ago, Aksum Cafe on Baltimore Avenue was burglarized after three men broke its storefront window with an object.

The 18th Police District’s burglary report includes tips on how to protect your business from a burglary:

9 Comments For This Post

  1. Terry Hope Says:

    Interesting that the area mentioned is usually referred to as “Ucity” until something unpleasant happens, then it becomes “West Philly”.

  2. Concerned neighbor Says:

    The Farmacys 95 inch side window on 45th street was also smashed, cash register was rummaged through, and meat was stolen from their walk in box. May want to add that to your article too.

  3. Meredith Says:

    Terry – you hit the nail on the head. And where were all those U. City bike and pedestrian safety folks in yellow

  4. Amanda Says:

    This news source is called West Philly Local and they are doing a piece on a local West Philly issue.

  5. West Philly Says:

    @ Terry Small minds and triviality. Ucity or West Philly. Who cares? Either way, Ucity is in West Philly.

  6. John Says:

    It is very surprising to me that not a single one of these places have cameras that caught a picture of something.

  7. John Cox Says:

    but they are victims

  8. Robert Warfield Says:

    That’s terrible from the time that i live in west philly from a child to a adult!!

  9. goldenmonkey Says:

    This morning on the 6abc website they called Farragut “University City”.

    So find something else to whine about Terry.

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