Cedar Park zoning committee approves pet washing business near 47th and Baltimore

September 20, 2018

A self-service pet washing facility is likely coming to a storefront near the corner of 47th and Baltimore.

The Cedar Park Neighbors zoning committee voted earlier this week to support a special zoning exception required by the city for the ground floor of 806 S. 47th St., which for many years was the location for Vincent Goffredo Plumbing and Heating. The proposal will soon go before the city’s Zoning Board of Adjustment for final approval.

The facility, which the owner told the committee will grow to include grooming services, will include six elevated stainless steel wash tubs – two each for small, medium and large pets. The large tubs will even include a ramp that will allow your Saint Bernard or Newfoundland to walk right into the tub. So if you’re tired of bending over the bath tub to scrub down your pup, this might be for you.

The service will include a dryer, shampoos and brushes. A small pet washing, up to 25 pounds, will cost $12. Mediums will cost $14 and larges will be $16.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Eric W Broem Says:

    Hurray!!! No more PetSmart !! At last place me and my furry daughter can walk for care. Cant wait for grooming to be added. Now ,let’s find a nearby doggy day care.

  2. Strong Foru Says:

    Talk about letting the neighborhood go to the dogs! Lol.

  3. bob crapster Says:

    Highlighting what’s wrong with our City Government – currently everything runs through them. Why would you need a permit to run a business in a commercially zoned property? Because that way the pols have more power.

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