Pocket park for culture and community proposed near 40th and Chestnut

August 20, 2018

A pocket park for culture and community is coming to this empty lot on 40th street between Chestnut and Ludlow.

West Philly-based non-profit Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture has been exploring the idea of creating a pocket park for culture and community on a vacant lot nestled between Chestnut and Ludlow streets on 40th street. Local developer UC West has dedicated this lot to be a publicly accessible pocket park, and Al-Bustan has been selected as the lead community partner. Since May, the organization has hosted a few public forums to gather input from community members – business owners, homeowners, renters, elderly, students, and more.

The next meeting to discuss the future of the pocket park will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 21 at the Rotunda (4014 Walnut St) from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. This meeting will be a first look into design possibilities for the park. 

“Our West Philly-based landscape architect team will be presenting design concepts, and some initial ideas for the pocket park,” reads a Facebook post for the upcoming event. “We have been really grateful for the insightful comments that the public has offered us in the past few months, and hope that we can incorporate your ideas into this new neighborhood space.”

The vision for the park is based on Andalusian-era convivencia, which brought together people from all walks of life to co-create visual art, music, poetry, dance, cuisine and other forms of cultural storytelling. The park’s design and programming will be reflective of West Philadelphia’s diversity and history.

The Al-Bustan team hopes to hear more feedback from the community, as they continue to build a space that they hope will become a hub of culture and activity for all.

Community members can also help by donating to this campaign. Donations will go directly to local craftsmen, landscape designers, and a coordinator of community outreach. For more information and to donate, go here.

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  1. Anthony B. Annechino Says:

    Does this mean that the Church will open up its boundaries, seeing as the part would only reach their property? Or would they keep their fences up, on both Chestnut and Ludlow? Pros and cons to each.

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