SEPTA Trolley Tunnel Blitz begins: trolleys on diversion; Woodland Avenue closed

July 17, 2018

Trolley track repair work is underway near 40th and Woodland.

SEPTA’s annual Center City Trolley Tunnel maintenance project, aka Trolley Tunnel Blitz, began on Friday night. All trolleys going east will be on diversion to 40th and Market, where passengers can switch to the train, for the duration of the project (until July 23).

A portion of Woodland Avenue, between 39th and Chester, is also closed to all traffic due to this project, which includes track repair work near the trolley portal. Chester Avenue between 41st and Woodland is also closed.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. James Says:

    When will the trolley stop restaurant open on the 40th street stop? It was supposed to open March 2018.

  2. Corey Says:

    Pretty soon I hope. They’ve been hiring staff for a while. Looks like Loco Pez is only a few days off.

  3. Phebe Shinn Says:

    I think the new restaurant building is one of the ugliest things around. Why couldn’t SEPTA have gotten a decent design? This place looks like it was put together out of leftover bits of building supplies!

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