New ‘parklets’ pop up in West Philly

July 13, 2018

A new “parklet” was installed this week on Pine Street between 47th and 48th.

Two new “parklets”- temporary outdoor seating platforms where you can enjoy a meal, a drink or simply relax – have been installed by University City District crews. In addition to the returning locations at 4040 Locust St. (hosted by Ramen Bar), 261 S. 44th St. (hosted by Honest Tom’s Tacos and Lil’ Pop Shop), 4239 Baltimore Ave. (hosted by Green Line Cafe) and 4903 Catharine St (hosted by Little Baby’s Ice Cream), check out the following new “parklets”:

• 3601 Market (between Market and Filbert, hosted by Schmear It, Jimmy John’s, and M.A.T.T.’s Sliders)
• 4725 Pine Street (hosted by the Garden Court Community Association)

“Parklets” usually stay through mid- to late November, as long as the weather is warm enough for outdoor seating. Just a reminder that you don’t need to patronize a particular business to sit in the parklet.

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  1. sb Says:

    I just don’t understand why they put one of these right outside a laundromat/parking lot. Why not pick a spot where people actually want to sit?

  2. tc Says:

    People using the laundromat might enjoy a place to sit outside?

  3. Sb Says:

    Perhaps, but I’d imagine they’d prefer a nice place to sit rather than what they got instead.

  4. LW Says:

    I think it’s a good location. There’s a couple of places nearby to grab a coffee while you’re waiting for the spin cycle to be done.

  5. wireless Says:

    The Pine st. location is already a “double-park” park. Sometimes 5 vehicles double-parked on this block. I suggest turning the whole block into a park, (car free of course). Taking out two parking spaces for the popup park will likely encourage more double and triple-parking, making it even more unsafe for bicycles. Garden Court Apartments must pay off the PPA to accommodate it’s impolite double-parkers.

  6. Greg Says:

    These things are so tacky, in addition to devouring parking space.

  7. goldenmonkey Says:

    The cry of the NIMBY…”but muh parking!”

  8. James Says:

    get out of your car or go back to the suburbs.
    parking kills neighborhoods. parklets celebrate them.

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