PPA ‘courtesy tows’ cars parked on 4500 block of Spruce due to road work. But where do they end up?

May 15, 2018

This neighbor had an interesting experience this afternoon when she found that her car, which had been parked near 45th and Spruce, was “courtesy towed” by the Philadelphia Parking Authority due to road work. Spruce Street between 44th and 45th, was closed all day on Tuesday due to the work. If your car has also been towed from that location and you can’t find it, this story may be helpful.

“When I parked my car at that location during the early afternoon [on Monday], I did not see any signs posted about parking restrictions for [Tuesday],” Emily writes. “I called PPA and was told that my car had been “courtesy towed”… and to call my local police district to find out where it was. I called district 18 and was told that they were aware that a number of cars had been “courtesy towed”… around the neighborhood, but they had not been given a list of where all of the cars had been “courtesy towed” to by PPA like they were supposed to. They said that some cars had been towed to the area around 49th and Springfield, but that other cars from the area around 45th and Spruce may be in different locations. 

“Bottom line – they had no idea where my car was. They recommended that I walk around a three block radius of where it had been at 45th and Spruce Street, and if I couldn’t find it to call 911 for further assistance. After walking around in the heat for a while, I found my car at 46th and Spruce Street parked illegally; it was in a spot that required a zone 2 parking permit beyond 2 hours. I do not have a zone 2 parking permit posted anywhere on my car. My car also had been issued a ticket for being parked in the location for over 2 hours without a zone 2 permit. I am disputing the ticket.”

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  1. angela reason Says:

    Hi, do you know how long the construction will be going on?

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