SEPTA Key Card program changes to go into effect May 4

April 10, 2018

SEPTA recently announced some important changes to its Key Card program that will go into effect on May 4, 2018.

Here’s the summary:

• In response to customer feedback, the minimum amount to load funds onto the SEPTA Key Card Travel Wallet will be lowered from $10 to $5. The maximum per transaction will remain $250.

• The card itself will no longer be free after May 4. The $4.95 cost to buy a Key Card will go into effect. 

• SEPTA will introduce a reimbursement offer when customers register a new Key Card purchased on or after May 4. If they register the Key Card within 30 days of the purchase date the $4.95 fee will automatically be applied to their Key Card Travel Wallet.

More information about these changes is available here.

SEPTA announced earlier this month that it’s ending token sales at all Authority-operated locations on April 30.

7 Comments For This Post

  1. Valerie Morrison Says:

    SEPTA just keep RAPING AND ROBBING the already poor consumers every which way SEPTA can SMH.😠😠😣😡

  2. Maria Lopreto Says:

    U said it all they do what ever they want😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Deborah Says:

    Why is it that delta is never ever on time you guys must do better!!!

  4. Nancy Cherry Says:

    I wish cashiers and driver’s were more patient with reduced fare riders. If we show our card because it does not have money loaded on it and pay the fare we are yelled at because the card isn’t loaded. If we take the bus and only have our fare in cash what are we supposed to do? There are no kiosks at bus stop.

  5. Septa Rider Says:

    This is one of the examples of how the rich get richer.
    Septa is going to continue to rob us with our eyes open
    just because they can.
    More than half their route is ever on time on time
    route 11and route 64 is one the worst you will lost a job messing with
    them.The should be a complaint page

  6. Linda Hawkins Says:

    Every time you get on a separate bus or trolley you use the card there’s no transfer. You paying twice no wonder your card runs out of cash so fast.

  7. Jan Says:

    It is ridiculous how septa rip us off with the discount key card. I did not have money on my key card and I showed my card and put in my fare and a few septa drivers told me they don’t accept fares like that. This is unfair especially to seniors who are disabled. I wish we had another transportation company that we could use that are more geared to fair pricing and more organized and treat seniors and more friendly or find another job!

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