A modern “Marie Antoinette” (think Melania) opens this week at Curio

February 13, 2018

West Philly’s Curio Theatre kicks off the new year this week with David Adjmi’s Marie Antoinette, a modern take on one of European history’s most infamous characters.

Adjmi’s take on the French queen introduces us to a woman who embodies artifice, excess and privilege while the mood in the streets grows hostile. 

“It’s absolutely about right now,” said director Brenna Geffers, who makes her Curio directorial debut. “Looking at voting patterns of white women in the last year has made me realize how wrong so many of my assumptions have been. I often hear the question ‘why would these women vote against their own self interests?’ and I wonder – are they actually? Or rather, are they voting to protect privilege? Marie Antoinette can be a fascinating lens to loo at this question through.”

Jennifer Summerfield is cast as Marie Antoinette and Curio member Brian McCann plays her husband, King Louis XVI. Other cast members include Rich Bradford (who appeared in The Birds last season), Jessica Delcanton, Twoey Truong and Liam Mulshine.

Marie Antoinette opens Friday, Feb. 16 and runs through March 10. There will be preview performances on Feb. 14 and 15. Most performances are Thursday through Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Calvary Center for Culture and Community (4740 Baltimore Ave.).

Tickets are $15-$30 and are available online here.

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