‘Stand with Muslims in West Philly’ rally this Friday following anti-Muslim protest at Walnut Street mosque

February 8, 2018

Photo from Kol Tzedek Facebook page.

Community members have a chance this Friday to show their support for our Muslim neighbors outside of a local mosque, the site of last week’s anti-Muslim protest. The event, titled “Stand with Muslims”, is organized by Kol Tzedek synagogue and the West Philly Coalition Against Islamophobia. It will take place from noon to 1 p.m. at 43rd and Walnut where Masjid al-Jamia mosque is located.

“Last week there was a small but very disturbing Islamophobic protest outside Masjid Al-Jamia, the mosque at 43rd and Walnut, during Friday prayers,” reads a Facebook post by Kol Tzedek dedicated to the event. “Please join Kol Tzedek and the West Philly Coalition Against Islamophobia to show our support for our Muslim neighbors and stand in solidarity with them.” 

A small number of protesters from an unidentified religious group gathered outside the mosque last Friday with vehemently anti-Muslim signs, according to witness reports posted on social media. Some of those signs called for violence against Muslims.

“Please note we will NOT be engaging directly with Islamophobic protesters if they are present again this week,” the Facebook post continues.

More information about the event can be found on the event Facebook page.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. 46th st Says:

    Black Americans deal with this since the beginning of time with discrimination and still do to this day. Atleast Muslims get compensated for being in America, ( dunkin donuts, 7 eleven, tax breaks free money towards college and so on). What can you possibly complain about your well off in this country then anywhere else. Thats why muslims flock to the states, no struggle at all

  2. Avdol Muhammed Says:

    No one deserves to be discriminated against.

    Period. Get your Alt-Right BS outta here.

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