Dock Street Brewing Co. to open tasting room and beer cannery

April 21, 2017

Dock Street Cannery & Tasting Room will open on April 27 at 4 p.m. (Photos by Rana Fayez).


Starting Thursday, April 27, you’ll be able to buy some Dock Street Brewery beer, such as No Exit double IPA, Jip the Blood Berliner weisse and Golden IPA, in cans. Customers will be able to see the canning line in action at the new tasting room, which will be located right around the corner from the restaurant on 50th street.

Dock Street head brewer Mark Russell (right).

Why is this recent shift in product packaging? Head brewer Mark Russell says that’s where the beer industry is headed.

“Craft beer, in general, is heading towards cans. Lots of other breweries are also looking at cans, it’s something you can take outdoors. When you look at shipping costs, cans are a lot cheaper, too,” said Russell.

Russell went on to further advocate for beer in cans as a preferred format due to their ability to contain less air and allow less light in, two aspects that affect beer. Dock Street hopes to offer Summer in Berlin and Man Full of Trouble in cans soon as well.

The tasting room will be offering a curated selection of cocktails in addition to the beer. On the shelves, there will be a rotating selection of Pennsylvania liquors like Faber. However, if you’re trying to order one of the restaurant’s famous pizzas in the new space, you won’t be able to. The tasting room will stick to providing a seasonal snack menu from different vendors throughout the area. 

“The biggest reason we aren’t making all the food on site is simply that our kitchen is already tapped out,” explained Russell. “Much of the function of the cannery bar will be overflow from our packed restaurant, so our kitchen will be fully focused on churning out pizzas during those busy nights,”

This is one of many steps the West Philly brewery has been taking to try out new avenues this year, as the owners were recently in talks with Bookers about building a dedicated exclusive tap line at the restaurant.

Check out this video announcement the folks at Dock Street Brewery created for their new facility (more info is available here):

Rana Fayez

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