Curry Bird brings dumplings and bubble tea to 46th and Woodland

March 20, 2017

After working as a server in Philadelphia for many years, Guo ‘Sunni’ Tang was done. “As a server, you work 12 hours a day and don’t make much money,” she explained. “I want to make more money to improve life for my parents.”

Driven by a goal of supporting her aging parents and the desire to provide a wider selection of food for the University of the Sciences student population and the area surrounding it, Tang decided to open a dumpling and bubble tea spot. Curry Bird, a new Cantonese and Thai takeout restaurant, is at 4604 Woodland Ave. (where New China Gourmet used to be), adjacent to Noah’s Pizza.

The shop had its soft opening on Saturday, where chicken curry and veggie dumplings samples were given away to neighbors at no charge. News spread via word of mouth.

The interior has been completely redesigned with wooden panels and wooden floors. Another thing you’ll notice is that there are no servers, but just a takeout restaurant with minimal seating. 

The menu includes some dumpling favorites like Shu Mai, chicken curry and pork soup dumplings. Soups like Tom Yum and Tom Kah make an appearance along with rice and noodle dishes. One particular item that stood out was “Walnut Cream Sauce” style entree. The restaurant is in West Philly, so Tang wanted to make sure the menu to be catered to vegetarians as well, which is why she created a specific section of the menu for those with meatless dietary restrictions. Vegetarian choices range from basil eggplant to baby bok choy with garlic.

Curry Bird is open every day from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. (until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays). In addition to takeout, the restaurant also offers delivery for a minimum of $15 per order. For more information, call (267) 292-4294.

Rana Fayez

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  1. BlackNoire Says:

    First off to clarify for who ever is reading this as a along time member of this neighborhood this restaurant ‘Curry Bird’ is not in West Philadelphia, this restaurant is located in South West Philadelphia. OUR neighborhood is located on the other side of Baltimore Ave 46th and Woodland Ave., which makes it South West Philadelphia. I don’t care how much you try and Gentrify a neighborhood to make it what you want it to be it’s geographical boundaries are South West Philadelphia.

    Now lets talk about this “Restaurant” Curry Bird. Clearly this establishment was not opened for the true residents of this community (and you ALL know who I am talking about). The prices are ridiculous! This is not a sit down restaurant in China Town but a take out Chinese Food Store yes I’m taking it way back to the original Ole G, “Chinese Food Store”.

    Yes the food is Alright not Bad. I purchased the Broccoli, Chicken, With Shrimp. Again it was Alright Not Bad, but the price $18.00! I wanted to ask the man behind the counter if he had lost his mind and if he clearly knew where his establishment was? As apart of the working poor you can not afford to pay $18 for a Broccoli, Chicken and Shrimp Platter unless I’m at a restaurant a True Cantonese/Chinese/Thai Restaurant and I am being served and treated. Not when I am at a corner store establishment…Child Please!
    Dear Owner of Curry Bird, I don’t know if you are trying to appease the ‘College Students’ in the neighborhood and let’s keep it real most of you don’t have money either. Or if you are trying to appease the so called ‘New Residents’ of the community who consider this West Philadelphia instead of what it really is South West Philly.
    Reality Check – Your Prices Are To Expensive!
    In the end when Gentrification rears it’s head it is never for the true people of the neighborhood but it is for those Nomads who like to always pretend they are apart of something until they have what they want and change it into what they need it to be.
    46th St. for 46 years and always keeping it real! Long Live South West Philly!!!
    P.S. If you don’t mind walking and you want a Good Inexpensive “Chinese Food Store” experience go to Lucky’s 4710 Baltimore Ave.

  2. Smoking Joe Says:

    Yes, things were so much better there when the 46th & Woodland gang was selling rocks.

  3. BlackN Says:

    I’m sorry what makes you think drugs aren’t being sold in every neighbourhood across Philadelphia, whether you Gentrify it or not?
    Just because it’s not blatant on the corners of these so called “New and Upcoming Neighbourhoods” does not mean that the drugs still aren’t there.
    The introduction of “Crack” or “Rocks” as you so poetically put it was brought into the Black Communities in the early 1980’s and not Black Communities that were Disfunctional but Black Communities that were Thriving. Working Class, Proud Black Communities such as the Community of 46th and Woodland.
    These drugs were introduced to diminish the Educational System and Info Structure of these Black People so that the Powers That Be could retake what they considered their’s again.
    See my friend when you have Black Communities that are Positioned within Proximity of some of the most Affluential, Oldest Buildings, and Universities and let’s not forget Real Estate in the City of Philadelphia the Two can not Co-habitate together.
    Seeing that you made this statement I can see you. I already know what you are and who you are.
    Those who consider themselves the Power Systems that surround these infrastructures must neutralise them (i.e. Black Communities)
    so that they can continue to control and obtain what they believe rightfully belongs to them.
    This is Statistical Realization. Look around at Every Black Community that is in close proximity (12 -20 minutes) to City Hall a.k.a The Four Corners “North Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia, West Philadelphia” and you will see every last one of these Beautiful Black Communities has been, have been, or are being gentrified right at this moment, but most importantly the down sizing of these Black Communities began with the introduction of “Rocks”.
    The Gentrification process is patient and takes years when The Ego Of The Powers That Render Control feel that you i.e. Black Communities are a problem and they need and want to Manifest Their Destiny.
    It is amazing to me how eager the Ego is to diminish any traces of the people who lived there by giving it fancy names and saying how they delivered a Neighbourhood and Neighbourhoods from turmoil. Turmoil Created and Manifested by The Ego Of Supremacy’s Righteousness.
    I am reinforced with the sight to see that My Black People, My Black Communities, and My Black Body are slowly being erased and transported from view because We The Black Community Is Deemed Unsightly in today’s so called Modern Cities and New World Order.
    I do not have time to debase the neighbourhood I grew up in seeing that The Chaos and The Detrimental Dynamic that led to “The 46th & Woodland Gang Selling Rocks” was brought about and introduced by the Inferior, Classist, Psychogenetic Powers of Racism and a Capitalistic White Supremacy System.

    Again We All Know What They Are And Who They Are And If You Don’t Know You Better Ask Somebody Who’s Minds Eye Is Open.

    Oneness, Wellness, and Wholeness!

  4. WestBest Says:

    @Blacknoire You may be right about the SW WP borders but I don’t know how many really care. and whether people want to admit it or not gentrification has been mostly a good thing. Mostly I say because there are people hurt by rising rents and property taxes. However as a WP resident I know many long-term residents who benefited from gentrification. There houses bought years ago when the prices were low and the neighborhood troubled. They sell with huge profits and move to retirement communities or suburbs. Renters have been hurt more. But the consensus of my WP neighbor is the it’s a better, safer place to live. BTW, I was born in East Falls projects, grow up in North Philly. I’ll take gentrification any day.

  5. Michael Says:


    Show us the way! I look forward to YOUR new restaurant so I can discover what good food tastes like at “neighborhood” prices.

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