Residential tower proposed near 42nd and Chestnut

February 28, 2017

Rendering of a high-rise apartment building proposed near 42nd and Chestnut (from

Developers are interested in building a high-rise apartment building at 4125 Chestnut St., according to reports. A 17-story residential tower is being proposed for the site currently occupied by Wash N Lube car wash. The 240-unit tower will include 4,158 square feet of ground- and second-floor commercial space, as well as 82 underground parking spots, according to a report by The plans were posted last week on the city’s Civic Design Review board website.

The project developer has been identified as CRP Builders, and architect Hyon Kang of KCA Design Associates LLC was listed as the project’s applicant. The next design review board meeting is on Tuesday, March 7, where the project may be considered. Please check their website for more information and updates.

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  1. darnel Says:

    I like the blood red sky background. It is quite menacing-which I assume was the point.

  2. catholic chick Says:

    Does anyone know anything about the company CEO builders ? Are they worth allowing to build ? I live not far from that area, what are we getting into.

  3. goldenmonkey Says:

    I’m not sure I follow: you’re not in a position to “allow” anything. Unless I’m mistaken, they can build by right due to current zoning. The only thing up for debate is the overall design, which will be discussed by the CDR.

  4. Hello! Says:

    [waits for the inevitable debate about parking]

  5. Mary McGettigan Says:

    CRP is apparently Christine Pasieka, a Templetown developer whose mailing address is a one-story garage on a shabby street in North Philly. We’re not talking Carl Dranoff, here, not even Bart Blatstein. Their reps gave a poorly-received presentation to the SHCA zoning committee a week or so ago. A fuller account is available on this facebook page that covers development and preservation issues in our neighborhood:

  6. watchcat Says:

    Given recent history any developer who wants to build around here should be considered guilty until proven innocent.

  7. another real 46er Says:

    I love the car wash. I will have to drive to suburbs to find an authentic wash.

  8. Larry Says:

    Me too, especially the lovely experience of walking by it with the sidewalk blocked by parked cars. It would be a terrible loss for pedestrians.

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