Two people hospitalized after manhole fire near 49th and Windsor (updated)

December 14, 2016

A fire broke out early Wednesday afternoon underground, reportedly after a gas leak, near 49th and Windsor and caused evacuations of nearby homes, according to neighbor and media reports. The fire was seen coming out of a manhole and reaching as high as six feet. Firefighters responded to the scene, and shuttle buses replaced trolleys due to the fire.

UPDATE: Two SEPTA workers were hospitalized with 1st and 2nd degree burns following the fire, according to reports.

SEPTA and PGW were doing some work in the area this morning, according to neighbor reports, but it’s not clear whether the fire was caused by this. The Philadelphia Fire Department is investigating the cause of the gas leak.

4 Comments For This Post

  1. Elizabeth Weiss Says:

    This morning at 7:30 am when I left my house (on the 900 block of 49th and Springfield) it smelled strongly of gas. I called the fire department and they sent over some trucks. No idea how they ended up leaving and letting this fire start. I hope the people hurt by the fire recover quickly and everyone stays safe!

  2. Localveg Says:

    Fire can be really neat or thrilling when it’s contained safely and used for things like tricks or fire eating (professionally trained) but a fire burning in a manhole cover is not safe!

  3. Mark Mandel Says:

    “A fire broke down early Wednesday afternoon”

    No, it didn’t. You mean “A fire broke *out*”

  4. faithvoidsplit Says:

    Are you serious dude? I mean, seriously are you serious, dude? That’s what you do at 11:40 PM, point out trivial typos with a snarky remark. Rippin’ winner. Real rippin’ winner.

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