What locations need more bike racks? Help UCD bring additional bike parking

June 27, 2016


University City District (UCD) is planning to install more bike racks in the area and needs help identifying places that need bike parking or additional bike racks.

Currently, UCD is accepting photos showing overcrowded or out-of-repair bike parking or bikes locked to trees, railings, etc. along commercial corridors and at other neighborhood destinations in University City.

You can share these photos on Twitter using #UCbikeparking or email them to: Please include the date, time, and location. This information will be used to help select future bike rack locations.


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  1. Marielena Mata Says:

    The 48th and Woodland Rec center has no bike racks at all

  2. Lee Says:

    There are usually 3 to 4 bikes tied up to the fence on my back yard that belong to people who live in the adjacent apartment building properties. There is an ally driveway that provides access: south side of Springfield between 45th and 46th Streets. Bike parking would be greatly appreciated by a number of home owners who hope not to find their fences cut through by bike thieves.

  3. Flint Says:

    The liquor store at 43rd and chestnut.
    In front of Fit Gym, need more.
    The CVS at 43rd and Locust could use REAL racks.
    Near Dock Street, need many more.
    Along Baltimore Ave between 49th and 50th, many racks are damaged.

  4. Corey Says:


    You nailed it about the liquor store. I always end up chaining to those skinny trees in front. Also the handicap ramp outside of CVS. Good suggestions.

  5. Adops Says:

    I agree liquor stores at 43rd and Chestnut and 49th and Baltimore. The CVS on 43 has some weird rack that locks to the tire -useless. Would also like more racks outside of milk and honey, dock street pizza, supremo at 43rd and Chestnut, outside of the restaurant school cafe, and along clark and cedar parks.

  6. bongo Says:

    47th and chester outside of salt & pepper. i was just there yesterday and had to use some pipe thing half a block away

  7. LW Says:

    Another vote for outside CVS on Locust, maybe also one or two more outside Green Line on Locust as well?

  8. Pippy Says:

    All good suggestions. The only thing I would add is that a few of the racks along Baltimore near Clark Park were not installed very well a few years ago. Perhaps they could be reset properly as part of this great initiative.

  9. Jay Says:

    All of you who posted have great suggestions – did you e-mail them to so that UCD can use your feedback?

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