Qué pasa at 47th and Baltimore? Loco Pez taco bar is coming!

May 6, 2016


Montrose building at 47th and Baltimore (Photo West Philly Local)

Many people have been wondering what business is coming to the vacant storefront in the Montrose apartment building at the northeast corner of 47th Street and Baltimore Avenue. It was revealed last week (Michael Klein of’s The Insider broke the news) that a Fishtown-based L.A.-style taco bar, Loco Pez, is branching out to West Philly and chose this location. No further details were revealed, including the timeline for the opening, and we couldn’t get more info from the restaurant folks either at this time.

One of our readers asked about vegetarian options at the restaurant, and there are quite a few at their Fishtown location, which offers brunch, lunch, dinner and happy hour. What’s interesting is that they only accept cash. Check out their website for more info and the menu. And we’ll keep you posted on this new location.

And here’s a little bit of history of the old Montrose building, which has housed many businesses in its four ground-floor retail spaces over the years. The beloved Carrot Cake Man, Vernon Wilkins, used to have a store in the building for 17 years until 1996.

8 Comments For This Post

  1. J Says:

    It’s not interesting that they only accept cash. They have their own rented ATM that they profit from by all the people who use it to withdraw cash before their meal.

  2. Strongforu Says:

    I’m grateful for another food option. As a confirmed bachelor who doesn’t enjoy cooking, I was running out of choices on the Baltimore Ave corridor.

  3. Anon Says:

    Any update on this?

  4. atopthecakemountain Says:

    In this plastic plastic plastic world of busy body mommies and on the go daddies, it’s refreshing to see an old fashioned cash transaction. Very novel. Also, tacos are very in right now. From the cosmo posh chic of flashy downtown to the trendy punk vibe of Fishtown, tacos may be the new foodie delight!

  5. goldenmonkey Says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re putting the final touches on their new Bainbridge location before moving on to West Philly.

  6. Beastiebaldwin Says:

    Brainbridge has a lot of foot traffic. WP is getting there.

  7. mds chill Says:

    Did this completely fall by the wayside?

  8. Melody Says:

    Finally there is activity at this location (new windows, permits posted, etc). So is it going to be Loco Pez, or something else?

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