A new place to take trash, recyclables – even tires, mattresses and old computers – at 51st and Grays

April 20, 2015

5100GraysAveWest Philly residents will soon have a new place where you can take trash and recyclables, including large household items, e-waste and Christmas trees. A new, more conveniently located Sanitation Convenience Center is opening at 5100 Grays Avenue on Wednesday, April 22, when the Earth Day is celebrated worldwide. The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the center and Earth Day celebration will start at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, and local residents are encouraged to come out and celebrate.

The facility was specifically designed for the needs of West Philadelphia residents.

In conjunction with the celebration of Earth Day, the Philadelphia Streets Department will offer information on maintaining litter free communities, recycling education and the Recycling Rewards Program. Representatives from the Streets Department’s Sanitation Division will be on hand to distribute educational materials and answer questions. Recycling bins and other giveaways will also be available. 

The city hopes that the new convenience center will help reduce illegal dumping in the area. “We encourage residents to take advantage of our new facility. There is no reason for Philadelphia households to illegally dump on lots or corners,” said Deputy Commissioner Donald Carlton. “Residents can use the centers for common issues, such as, dropping off collections prior to going out of town, missing their regular collection day, or getting rid of materials that exceed the weekly limit or are special items, such as, tires, old electronics and appliances.”

The center is open Monday through Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., except holidays.

Here’s a list of items you can drop off at Sanitation Convenience Centers:

• Collectible trash. Up to six receptacles (twelve bags, 6 cans).
• Recyclable materials collected as part of the City’s Recycling Program.
• E-waste, including computers, monitors, televisions and other computer-related equipment.
• Yard waste, provided it is not contained in plastic bags or mixed or contaminated with other material. Must be placed in brown paper bags.
• Bulk items. Large household items made of metal, such as, appliances or items containing refrigerants. Limited to two per day.
• Automotive tires. Limited to four per day.
• Christmas trees.
• Mattresses and box springs unwrapped.

More information on the city’s Sanitation Convenience Centers is available here.

4 Comments For This Post

  1. Will Says:

    This is good, but the city needs to do more to enforce recycling requirements in rental buildings. City code requires residential buildings to provide recycling services and post where recycling bins are located. Yet, several of the large apartment complexes in West Philly/UC still fail to provide recycling for tenants.

  2. Steanne Says:

    this is not much more accessible than the other one for the carless.

  3. sammonphiladelphia Says:

    Your RCO and other community associations can curb the recycling issue if you bring it up in the meeting.

  4. 215slacker Says:

    This looks like the old drop-off area has just re-opened, it’s not really a new location. I think when they closed this location a few years ago people kept dumping there regardless. So they probably ‘officially’ reopened the site out of convenience to the city workers cleaning up the area. It’s nice to know this spot is available again.

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