New pet waste stations installed on 44th, 45th streets

June 30, 2014


New pet waste station on 45th St.

Dog owners who live around S 44th/45th and Pine/Spruce streets have something to be happy about. The area that lacks regular trash cans, now has two brand new pet waste stations on 44th and 45th streets between Spruce and Pine, next to the apartment buildings owned by Campus Apartments.

There was a pet waste basket on 45th Street before but it broke and was removed a few months ago. Earlier this month, we reached out to Campus Apartments to let them know about the basket, that it was broken and asked if they were responsible. We didn’t hear back, but a couple of weeks ago two new pet waste stations were installed near Campus Apartment buildings. That’s a great response! We even noticed bags in the pet waste dispenser.

Wouldn’t it be great to have more such stations installed around the neighborhoods? As part of our research for the recent trash can story, we learned that trash receptacles are a joint responsibility among community organizations, block captains, and the city. So why don’t pet waste baskets and bags fall under their responsibility as well? It would be very helpful to local dog owners and help keep our streets and sidewalks cleaner (we’re talking about responsible dog owners, of course, since there are those who don’t pick up after their dogs).

As for the pet waste stations themselves, they’re supplied by Great American Property Management Products and cost as low as $99 for the starter and $299 for the deluxe.


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  1. Fran Berge Says:

    This is really good news!

    I’m hoping that some dog owners will eventually get together to start pet waste recycling project at the dog park at 48th St. (or wherever)
    It doesn’t seem like it would be so very difficult.

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