Orens Brothers the buyer for Wilson Elementary at 46th and Woodland

Posted on 27 February 2014


A mural at the Alexander Wilson School. (Archived photo).

Drexel’s planned purchase of the University City High School/Drew Elementary School site is one of four tentative deals the School District announced yesterday.

The West Philly-based property developer Orens Brothers was named the finalist to redevelop the Alexander Wilson School property at 46th and Woodland. As we reported earlier this month, they plan to build a residential complex on the site. Orens Brothers has developed several properties in the neighborhood, including the infamous Croydon building.

The district’s chief operating officer, Fran Burns, said during a meeting to announce Drexel’s plans for the University City High site that the district will make about $23 million on the sales of seven properties that are currently pending. The University City High site contains three properties (the high school, Drew and the affiliated Walnut Center).

Finalists for other properties include:

• Shaw Middle School (54th and Warrington) to Mastery Charter School. Mastery’s Hardy Williams High School is already housed in that building.

• Douglas High School in Port Richmond to Maritime Academy Charter School.

Harrison Elementary School (10th and Thompson) has not been sold. Some 21 more district properties closed last year will be for sale in the coming years.

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  1. nobody Says:

    How exactly is “The Croydon” at 49th and Locust in “the neighborhood” of 46th and Woodland?

    Those two sections of the city couldn’t possibly be any more different from each other than they are.

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