Police release video of suspect sought in robbery, assault of woman at 50th and Hazel

November 12, 2013


Editor’s Note: Readers’ comments are welcomed. We received a request though not to identify the block or houses seen in the video or neighbors whose surveillance camera or cameras might have been used.

The man who, armed with a gun, robbed and sexually assaulted a 29-year-old woman on the morning of October 14 on the 5000 block of Hazel Avenue, is still at large. The police have released surveillance video of the suspect and are asking for public’s assistance in identifying this person. On the video below, the suspect, an 18-20 year-old man wearing a red t-shirt and dark colored pants, can be seen walking in the area prior to the assault that took place around 11:50 a.m.

The suspect is also wanted in connection to several other robberies in the area, according to police.

If you see this person, you are asked not to approach him but to call 911 immediately. To submit a tip via telephone, dial 215.686.TIPS (8477) or text a tip to PPD TIP or 773847.

3 Comments For This Post

  1. Lloyd Says:

    Must have a better or enhanced photo. He looks like 100s of young black males in this area. Any description of size or skin color, light, dark or medium? People want to help get this SOB!

  2. re Says:

    There is some description in the video starting at 1:15.

  3. Steve Says:

    On Saturday evening, November 2, my wife and I turned west on Osage off 48th St. I saw a BM with what looked like a white knit cap running west on the south side of Osage toward 49th. I was suspicious since he had a lighted phone in his hand which seemed strange. He crossed Osage behind us and then turned north on 49th St. I regret I didn’t call 911 immediately and only later found out that we had probably seen the man who has just robbed someone at 48th & Osage. To the victim, I apologize for not following my instincts. To the predator, I hope I see you soon on State Rd. as a resident (where I work).

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