Friends of Clark Park OK with residential building proposal

August 7, 2013

The community group Friends of Clark Park (FOCP) has come out in favor of the residential building proposed for an empty plot across from the park at 43rd and Baltimore Ave.

The project under consideration would include 108 units in a building with two connected sections (five floors near the park and nine floors further east on Baltimore Avenue), first-floor retail and some owner-occupied condo units.

The proposed building looking east near the corner of 43rd and Baltimore.

The proposed building looking east near the corner of 43rd and Baltimore.

In a letter to the head of the Spruce Hill Community Association zoning committee Barry Grossbach, FOCP president Erin Engelstad wrote that the group approved the project with some stipulations. These include:

• The portion of the building facing the park should be low and inviting.

• The design of the building should include terracing and include as many green features as possible.

• The project must support the efforts of the existing Farmers’ Market. Retail should be limited to certain smaller, community-oriented retailers and should be encumbered as such to require this stipulation remain in the future.

• The Friends of Clark Park look with favor on the idea of building a proportion of coop units into the development, to support a desirable owner-renter balance in the community which in turn will support the park.

The plan, which was offered in a series of public meetings, is still only tentative. The owners of the property, Thylan Associates, are considering it. Thylan already has a conditional zoning permit to build a four-story, 92-unit building on the site with 6 parking spaces and no retail.

If the property owners give the go-ahead, the project will still need to go through a lengthy approval process that would include the Spruce Hill Community Association, the City Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustment. There will be further chances for public comment during the process.

2 Comments For This Post

  1. strongforu Says:

    This development will ruin our neighborhood. Period. That is all.

  2. etl22 Says:

    @strongforu I agree! That building is not in line with the integrity of the neighborhood! It completely ruins the look of the area and invites other developers to come in and build in the same way, further moving this community away from its distinct and diverse aesthetic and culture and closer to new Yuppie neighborhoods that have no character. Who is in agreement with this building?

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