Café Clave becomes Café Renata

Posted on 25 January 2013


Great news for café lovers. The space on the 4300 block of Locust Street that used to house Café Clave will soon be reborn. Its new name, fittingly, is Café Renata (“reborn” in Latin).

The café will begin a soft opening next week and have an opening celebration on Friday (more on that next week). Co-owners Kate Steenstra and Yasser Aiq, both West Philly residents, will run the show. Café Renata will serve a wide selection of coffee along with a wide selection of food, including Mediterranean, South American and American fare with “a little more emphasis on breakfast,” said Aiq. Another welcome addition will be a rotating selection of soups. Down the road Steenstra and Aiq hope to add brunch.

Stay tuned for more from Café Renata.


Yasser Aiq and Kate Steenstra.


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  1. Suzanne Says:


  2. Td Says:

    Is there still a study room in the back?

  3. Tim Says:

    Not sure, Td, but they do have chalkboards.

  4. Stacey Says:

    Wonderful news! Was hoping that someone would take over and keep it running as a coffee shop!

  5. Jaz Says:

    Awesome! I hope they will offer some gluten-free options! 🙂

  6. Tara Says:

    Please keep the empanadas, they are terrific.. the reason why I ever went to Cafe Clave. Also, don’t lose your latin flavor in the process of bouging it up.

  7. Philly Joe Says:

    That’s great!!

  8. Joshua Says:

    This is great news! I hope this place leans more towards a “sit down and eat” place and less like another greenline/ earth cup/ milk & honey. We really do need more brunch options in West Philly. I’m tired of having to leave the island of West Philly for brunch.

  9. LW Says:

    Yes, good news! I’m glad that it’s still going to be a café.

  10. Laura Says:

    yay!!! and now I have a place to go while I’m waiting for my laundry 🙂

  11. Laura Says:

    If the owners are reading.. perhaps for “south american” flavor you could include arepas on the menu?? I’ve been waiting for a place to start serving these delicious corn cakes!

  12. Jena Says:

    Yassar has been a chef around Philly for several years now. This is very exciting! The food will be amazing – no doubt.

  13. VPA Says:

    I am South American. My husband, North American (from Atlanta, Ga). I would love to go to a cafe where my husband can eat his glorious pancakes and maple syrup (boring!)…while I order some empanadas, tamales, arepas or the ever popular peasant dish “arroz blanco con huevos” with a side of avocado. Holy Mary Mother of God…what if Cafe Renata had the Colombian “pan de bono” or “chicharon” (some of us South Americans love that swine!)! Cafe Renata could keep it simple and also offer some Cuban toast- yummy (assuming you can get your hands on some real Cuban bread- a little tough in Philly). And the last of my recommendations- can I hear a “Whoop! Whoop!” for some high chairs???”

  14. Paul Says:

    I am thrilled to have the space filled so quickly, and at the prospect of breakfast! But just to be nitpicky, “renata” does not, to the best of my knowledge, mean “reborn” in Spanish, at least not in modern Spanish. Someone else may be able to correct me…

  15. ML Says:

    Paul is right. “Renata” means “reborn” in Latin, but in Spanish it’s just a woman’s name. Spanish for “reborn” would be “renacido/a.” Looking forward to the new cafe all the same 🙂

  16. Syrinx Says:

    I hope they continue to have the excellent homemade chai and cafe cubano. Sounds exciting…

  17. LW Says:

    It’s open! I had the pita with hummus and kefta, it was very good. Nice and cosy inside, too.

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