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Bike corral installed in front of Mariposa

November 30, 2012

A new bike corral was installed this week in front of Mariposa Food Co-op, near the intersection of 49th St. and Baltimore Ave, accommodating a dozen or more bikes. (Photo courtesy Bicycle Coalition).

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Reward a great local program with just a click

November 30, 2012

Neighborhood foods

OK. Here’s a way to help neighborhood kids without getting out of your chair. Neighborhood Foods is a food growing and distribution run by kids and overseen by Urban Tree Connection. You might have seen these kids selling their produce near the 46th Street El stop or elsewhere in West Philly.

The folks from this great program have a chance to speak on a very large stage. They are among the five finalists in the TEDxManhattan Challenge. The winner gets to speak about their organization at TEDxManhattan, which this year will focus on “Changing the Way We Eat.”

Here is more about Neighborhood Foods from their entry:

“This dynamic model empowers disadvantaged youth from low-income neighborhoods to run an array of food-focused programs, from urban farming production, to value-added food product development, to distribution and retail through farm stands, farmers markets and a low-income CSA program. The result is a complete local food system that drives revitalization of high-need neighborhoods by 1) increasing access to fresh and healthy foods in designated food deserts and 2) developing a local food economy that accelerates small food businesses and retains food dollars in the immediate region.”

To vote for them, go here. To see other entrants, go here.

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Occupy Sandy NJ Hub accepts donations, needs skilled workers

November 30, 2012

Many neighbors have been asking about ways to donate various items to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. Thanks to a neighbor, Cindy, we learned about a brand new (only about a week old!) Philly Hub for Occupy Sandy NJ, where Cindy volunteers and where you can drop off your donations. The Hub is located at 2nd and Spring Garden and is currently accepting the following donations:

Safety Equipment/Muck out Gear
tarps, pry bars, heavy-duty garbage bags
OSHA N95/N92 facemasks
waterproof boots, work gloves
hazmat suitsor heavy-duty overalls
waterproof plastic bins
headlamps, flashlights, batteries

Construction Equipment
drywall, floorboards, Lumber
joints, insulation, wiring

hot water heaters
refrigerators, stoves (gas or electric)
newer model personal computers
electric wheelchairs

Clothes (except socks, underwear, heavy winter coats)
Food (except baby food, pet food & bottled water)


In addition to accepting donations, the Occupy Sandy NJ Hub also has the capability (through the wonders of the internet) to dispatch skilled workers and volunteers to areas where they are needed. Usually they would come to the Hub, find out where they are needed, and transportation would be provided.

“Saturdays will be designated as Workday Saturdays, and we hope to have a van going to different shore points. Our Food Committee will be making bagged lunches, which will be provided for both the volunteers and the people they serve,” says Cindy.

Philadelphia – Main Distribution Hub – Occupy Sandy NJ
Transport Workers Union Local 234
500 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19123
Now open: M-S, 9-5

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A package theft reminder for the holiday season

November 30, 2012

As the number of package deliveries increases before and during holidays, so does package theft. A neighbor sent this information and a warning to fellow West Philly residents to be extra careful receiving packages, especially during the holiday season.

“Today I got a call from a friendly stranger who happened to be waiting in a car across the street from my apartment to give a friend a ride. He saw four teens walking down the 4600 block of Spruce, doing what looked like checking porches for packages. When they got to my porch, they saw a package, opened it, and the friendly neighbor got out of his car to stop them, at which point they ran away with half of the contents of the box. Since my buzzer doesn’t work, my phone number is on my front door, which is how he managed to contact me. I came home and filed a police report.”

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Adopt-a-Dog: King

November 30, 2012

King is loyal, royal, and available for adoption! And if his ridiculously adorable ears aren’t reason enough to take King home with you today, here’s a little more information about Philadelphia’s very own monarch!

King is about 1-2 years old, and came to the shelter when his owner could no longer care for him. It’s all good, though – King’s a glass is half full kind of guy, and he’s making the best of the circumstances he’s found himself in. Goofy and fun, King loves to run around in the play yard at the shelter, do his zoomies, and chase after his favorite toys (tennis balls and tug toys can keep him entertained for hours!). King’s not selfish, either – he’ll always bring his toys over to you so you can share in the big fun.

King’s always up for a leisurely stroll in the park, and with an Easy Walk harness turning him into a perfect gentleman, you can both enjoy your walk. King knows basic commands, such as “sit”, and “touch”, and since he’s highly food/reward motivated, it’ll be easy as pie to teach him even more.

Have another dog in the house? Great! King loves other dogs, although he can sometimes get soooo excited to play, that he can forget his manners (he’s pushy). So if you have a playful, tolerant resident dog, King may just be the perfect fit for your family. Got cats? Well, cats are a little more complicated – King interacts with cats the same way he likes to play with dogs, so he may be a bit too much for most cats. While he could probably live with cats with some very slow intros, King would probably do best in a cat free home.

Interested in learning more about King? Please email his Pen Pal (a volunteer who’s working with King to prepare him for life outside of the shelter – she knows him best!), she’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Her email address is:

A small kennel is not fit for a King – come make your home King’s castle today!

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Building near 46th Street El stop here, then gone

November 29, 2012

Crews today were wrapping up the demolition of a cluster of two-story buildings that housed apartments and a couple of small businesses next to the 46th Street El stop.

The demolition has been licensed by the city, but so far there is no word on what, if anything, will be built on the site. New York Fried Chicken and a Donuts Plus were located in the building. The demolition leaves the west side of S. Farragut between Market and Ludlow streets vacant.

By the way, if you are wondering about construction or demolition work near your home, the City’s Department of Licenses and Inspections has a fairly robust property search feature on its website. Just enter the address of the property in question into the “Property History” search window and it will (usually) show you any licenses, permits or violations associated with the property.


The view from Farragut Street toward the EL stop at 46th Street as a crew wraps up the demolition.


The view (via Google Street View) of the intersection before the demolition.


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