From tacos to takoyaki: Honest Tom’s truck goes to Maru Global

July 12, 2012

tacosAnd the winner of Honest Tom’s venerable taco truck is … Maru Global (Facebook page), the folks who specialize in authentic Japanese street food.

Maru Global’s plans for the truck are still coming together, but it is sure to feature takoyaki – a fried dough ball typically filled with octopus, ginger, onion and other delectables – maybe some curry fries, onigiri or their famous desert balls.

Maru Global won the truck as a result of a contest Honest Tom ran earlier this month asking would-be entrepreneurs to write him and explain why they should get the truck.

The winning of the truck is the latest in a tumultuous string of recent events for Maru Global’s Chef Ryo Igarashi and his wife Nicole Igarashi, who handles the business side of the operation. They had to close their restaurant, Tokio Global, near Headhouse Square in April after Ryo underwent surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain. As he recovered they returned to the kitchen to prepare a whittled down mobile menu for events and festivals around the city.

“Honest Tom” McCusker’s 1970 step van, which he bought with credit card cash advances, will now be a key part of that mobile operation.

Congrats to Maru Global and well done to Honest Tom for paying it forward.


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  1. Kelly Says:

    Good for them! I used to visit Maru Global and the food is absolutely excellent. The owners are such nice people! I’m so excited to have them come to our neighborhood.

  2. suzanne Says:

    i don’t think there’s any guarantee they will locate in uni city at all. their facebook page asked people for suggestions for locations.

  3. jen weeks Says:

    my photo infront of the truck will now be a relic, and i will tell people about how before there was a shop, there was a truck, and it was good and it was owned by better people who knew how to spread kindness and caring.

  4. ashley Says:


  5. LW Says:

    I’ll miss that truck, including on 33rd St.

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