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Posted on 18 May 2012

This one is near 45th and Spruce.

We’ve seen more and more of these little calls for an art-free world popping up around the neighborhood for a while. We have noticed retorts on a lot of them. Have you seen any?

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  1. Laura Says:

    I like this. maybe whoever is doing this is trying to initiate some passionate retort from people as to why art is not stupid? maybe hinting towards the idea that we need to be less apathetic about the loss of art and creative programs in schools, etc

  2. Peter Hanley Says:

    The beautiful irony is the 93% chance that these were produced by a current or former art student.

    Because if you’re not an artist, you have so many other stupid things to complain about than art, and you probably don’t include “I should make some sort of aesthetic object” as part of your remediation process.

  3. shazoooo! Says:


  4. Tim Says:

    Well, some art is stupid.

  5. school daze Says:

    Actually, I know Art and he’s not that stupid!

  6. Art Says:

    Do I know you, Fred?

  7. shazoooo! Says:

    How smart can Fred be? He stops his car with his feet, for crying out loud

  8. slick Says:

    I can’t believe people these days. smh

  9. Stuart Says:

    What other phrases have been seen written on the stickers?

  10. Matthew Sanchez Says:

    “Stuart is stupid.”

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