Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll dates released

May 15, 2012

Good news: Dollar Strolls are returning this summer to Baltimore Avenue, according to University City District. Bad news: it looks like there won’t be a stroll in June, meaning we will have to wait until July for $1 samosas, cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon and theater tickets.

Here are the dates:

July 19

August 16

September 20


Stay tuned for more information on participating businesses and their $1 specials, and as a reminder of what we’ve been missing since last summer, check out the gallery below.


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  1. Teri B Says:

    Only three dollar strolls this summer? So sad! Why? 🙁

  2. Bilbonic Says:

    That’s 3 too many. As someone who regularly frequents these establishments and lives on Baltimore Ave, I can’t stand the influx of Penn/ Drexel kids who find their joys in “slumming it up” on Baltimore Ave. I don’t care for the lines, or the mindless drivel being spewed while Sally waits in line for a $1 cup of [edited] from Dock Street.

    I am an old stick in the mud, but I wear it on my sleeve.

  3. goldenmonkey Says:

    Yeah, those 3 days out of 90 will throw the entire summer out of whack.

  4. Suzuka83 Says:

    I enjoy the preview tickets to curio theater and will gladly wait until July for them.

  5. Happy Curmudgeon Says:

    I can’t wait to get my $1 footlong from Subway.

  6. Suzanne Says:

    oof! Happy Curmudgeon ! snarky mcsnark snark!

  7. emily Says:

    yep, slumming it up on baltimore avenue…

  8. L Says:

    Baltimore Avenue is NOT slumming. It’s really pretty nice.

  9. christina Says:

    we don’t subway b/c they’ll attract people we don’t like to a business we don’t like but now we don’t like the dollar stroll b/c it attracts people we don’t like who might become patrons of the businesses we do like…

    i can’t keep it straight!

  10. LW Says:

    “i can’t keep it straight!”

    It’s all about keepin’ it real (man).

    And the only really real people in the neighborhood – as we know, because they kindly take the time to keep telling us about it – are those who post here to complain about everything.

  11. Teri B Says:

    I live a block off Baltimore… ok, if you live right ON it, I agree that the dollar strolls are probably overwhelming. It IS a lot of people, crowd, and noise. But it is also such a nice summer festival atmosphere! And I don’t usually eavesdrop on the conversations of boring people.

  12. Christina Says:

    How is a whole bunch of people walking down the street buying ice cream and ‘West Philly’ pins once a month overwhelming? It’s Baltimore Avenue. It’s the 5th Avenue of WPhilly. Or at least we should want it to be. Let’s just close all the businesses b/c squatters and drug seekers are quieter. This is really getting crazy.

  13. shazoooo! Says:

    I love dollar stroll, though we only did it once about 2 years ago, it’s a really great way to sample what the shops have to offer.

    …is it too much to ask that the popsicle shop that just opened up represent? 😀

  14. Sherry W Says:

    Oh for crying out loud. I live a half a block from Baltimore and it’s fine. Hate Dollah Stroll? Go to another part of the city for a few hours. Damn killjoys.

    My only suggestion is that they need a lot more trash cans for the event- otherwise STROLL ON!

  15. thomas m Says:

    What I really hate about Dollar Stroll is its success. Last year I had time enough to stand in 2 lines because it was so crowded. Green Line sold out of vegan cupcakes and Mood sold out of whatever I expected to get there before I made it to the counter at either place.

    You have to pick the lines you think you can handle carefully; I recommend they make the stroll last an entire weekend, say Friday 4pm through Sunday 10pm.

  16. Happy Curmudgeon Says:

    I think they’re good. The last one that I attended was a madhouse but I am pretty sure it’s because it coincided with the last day of finals and some really sweet weather. The lines were insane but it was still a nice walk.

    Just think how much better it will be with Subway though. My mouth’s a-watering for some stinky bread!

    I did wonder if the pop-shop can afford to do the stroll. maybe they can make 1/2 size pops or something. Not sure what their capacity is for that type of thing. I’ll be selling $1 homeless tuxedo cats.

  17. Algernong Says:

    As a resident and business owner, I like the Dollar Stroll. Baltimore Avenue should welcome visitors, whether from Penn/Drexel or other parts of the city. Economically, imported money (from these visitors) is what energizes the local economy today and in the future. A commercial corridor should be vibrant. Although large events come with some inconveniences, they also market the area as progressive and hip, thereby drawing commercial and residential investment. I think the Dollar Stroll is a great concept.

  18. Raj Says:

    A lot of business owners in the baltimore avenue have opted out this summer’s dollar stroll. I wonder why?

  19. Erin Says:

    It looks about the same number of vendors plus some new ones to me.

  20. April Says:

    @ Erin, I agree. In fact, I don’t see anyone who opted out….

  21. Sean Dorn Says:

    Price for participation from UCD has gone up for merchants. I think its up to $200 per stroll, minimum.

  22. Sean Dorn Says:

    Which is still a good price, but maybe has squelched merchant enthusiasm a tad.

  23. Erin Says:

    It’s possible but I don’t think that falls under “a lot of merchants have opted out.” It could, however, explain why we only get three Strolls instead of four.

  24. Emily Says:

    It is $200 for the whole summer. The price was the same last year for 4 strolls, now it only covers 3. UCD blankets the region with advertising, which is not cheap. A business in the middle of the route might feel like they would get the foot traffic anyway so they wouldn’t have to be an “official” participator.

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