Data Garden seeks funding for 2nd Arts Festival at Bartram’s Garden

April 19, 2012

The Switched-On Garden/Courtesy of Data Garden/October 2011.

Data Garden, a group of artists that brought The Switched-On Garden, a bio-interactive art and live outdoor musical festival to Bartram’s Garden in October 2011, is working on putting together another outdoor event this year. Over 700 people of all ages and backgrounds got to enjoy The Switched-On Garden, which, according to Data Garden co-founder Joe Patitucci, was a truly transformative day and the biggest event ever to take place at Bartram’s Garden (check out the video here).

For 2012 Data Garden wants to expand the event and increase the ways people can engage with the environment and history of Bartram’s. Same as last year, Data Garden wants the event to be free of charge and accessible to everyone. To get funding to make this event possible for a second year, they launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Additional funds will also allow them to attract and compensate some amazing artists from the US and beyond.

“One thing that we proved last year was that people really enjoy the type of events we produce and find it really refreshing,” Patitucci says. The event was covered by Inhabitat, MTV Brasil, the Philadelphia Inquirer and even Vice Magazine’s music blog among others.

Unfortunately, Data Garden hasn’t reached its funding goal yet and there are only five days left in this campaign. This project will only be funded if at least $7,000 is pledged by Tuesday, April 24 (11:59 p.m.). Click here to donate and help this project.


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  1. Keira Says:

    I got sports radio from that apple gizmo!

  2. Sam Cusumano Says:

    Hello Keira, yes you absolutely did get AM sports radio through the apples. The vintage
    709 opamp is highly sensitive, and just like many of us have held onto ariel antenna trying to tune in the simpsons, the apples are able to resonate with strong stations (sports radio) when your hands are in certain positions. We are excited to bring Data Garden back to Bartram’s in October where there will be many interactive, educational electronic exhibitions for guests to explore and enjoy. please stay tunde


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