Found injured black & white cat (51st & Cedar) (updated)

March 17, 2012

Reader Allison found this cat in her raised bed Friday afternoon. She lives at 51st and Cedar. The cat’s hind leg is very badly injured. He appears to have been attacked. He has a collar so he must have a home nearby. He doesn’t appear to be neutered.

Allison called ACCT and they picked him up. She hopes that they can attend to his injured foot, but she also wants his owner to be alerted.

If this is your cat, please contact Allison at 301 452 2213.

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  1. Linda Says:


    Get flyers posted in your area, and post mini flyers door-to-door and talk with neighbors. ACCT may very well euthanize this cat if not claimed within 48 hrs (possibly sooner). If kitty isn’t fixed and the collar is a flea collar there’s a decent chance this cat is not ‘owned’, but probably fed outdoors by one of your neighbors. Note: to avoid the possibility of this cat being euthanized you could tell ACCT that you would agree to foster him/her (through ACCT) if no one claims. May be his only chance at surviving the shelter.

    Your ad has been forwarded to a few neighborhood groups. Please post any developments. thanks.

  2. Allison H. Says:

    Hi Linda,

    ACCT has agreed to care for him and hold him out for adoption because he is so well mannered. No need to worry about this one being euthanized, but that is certainly a risk generally. Thank you for your concern!

    I do hope his owner is alerted, but otherwise he’ll still be alright. Just hard to find an animal hurt like that.


  3. Linda Says:

    That’s very good news! Thanks for the update! Do you know the extent of the damage to his leg? After tomorrow, if he’s not claimed, ACCT will need to get him into foster care. If you have his ACCT ID number you could re-post an ad here, with same photo, about the need for foster care/adoption. Would be nice if he got to come back to the neighborhood!

  4. Annie Spokescat of Calico Junction Sanctuary Says:

    Thank you so much for posting a photo of the kitty. That helps people so very much when searching for their lost cat. I have been searching since Nov.14 for mine and so many people do not put color of cat just, “cat found”
    Many never seem to put state either. I wish I could say this is mine but sadly it is not. Hope he finds his way home soon. Don’t give up on finding the owner as they may be like me and have to search the whole country and it takes so long to look at them all. Sometimes if you look on Facebook there are people who have pages of lost/missing cats, ck Ebay classified, Craigslist and of course Petfinders..

  5. Virginia Cat Search Says:

    We have such a page available on Facebook for those cats that may be lost or found it was started in the honor of Mr. Z the lost cat from Calico Junction Sanctuary. We urge people to please keep up your search as we have had long lost kitties found and no way to be returned as the people who gave up searching left no contact information with us such as their vets phone number or a rescue to contact. It is so sad to know that the owners tried so hard and the kitty could never be returned. We have a project called the Molly Project and ask everyone to please microchip their pets. There are now smaller chips available and registrations available with a one time charge instead of a yearly fee. Please drop by our page to learn more about us.

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