A celebration at Mariposa

June 28, 2011

Mayor Michael Nutter addresses about 150 people at the celebration to start renovations of the new Mariposa Food Co-op building at 4824 Baltimore Ave.

A memorable scene unfolded on Baltimore Avenue yesterday as Mayor Michael Nutter and folks from the Mariposa Food Co-op stood arm-in-tattooed arm to celebrate the start of renovations to the co-op’s new home.

Mariposa is scheduled to open at the new space (4824 Baltimore Ave.) in the fall. Floor space will increase five-fold in the new building, which will also include classrooms and rooftop bee hives.

Nutter said the expanded Mariposa, which will include a range of dry goods, bulk items, meat, poultry and dairy products, will serve as a model for initiatives citywide to help improve healthy food options.

“This is the kind of neighborhood that can support this effort and show others across the city how to do this,” said Nutter, who joined Mariposa organizers and other city and development officials in cutting a ceremonial cake (vegan, of course).

The new and improved Mariposa will work like a traditional grocery store in that anyone can shop there regardless of whether they are a member. But the lifeblood of the co-op will still be its members, who receive a discount on items and also help determine how it runs. The co-op currently has 840 members and organizers hope to get 1,250 by the time the new store opens. Look for a major membership drive to begin later this summer.

To join, stop by the current co-op location at 4726 Baltimore Ave. or go here.

Here’s a slideshow from the event.


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