C’mon Rocco! Windermere cats still at risk (update)

February 17, 2011

Messages in support of Rocco on the City Kitties Facebook page.

The West Philly feline rescue group City Kitties is still hard at work trying to save at least one cat still inside the Windermere Court Apartments. A brown tabby named Rocco had been spotted in the basement. A demolition worker apparently captured Rocco, but the cat was able to break free and is back on his own. City Kitties is now reporting that crews had seen Humbert in the basement, not Rocco. Humbert was rescued this morning (see below). So the hunt for Rocco continues. If Humbert can make it out, there is no reason to believe that Rocco can’t.

Rocco has achieved rock star status on the City Kitties Facebook page, with fans cheering him on. City Kitties have set up humane traps in an attempt to rescue Rocco. City Kitties writes:

“Rocco is a front-declawed brown tabby with white paws, wearing a purple collar. No photo available at this time. If you see a cat matching this description, please contact City Kitties immediately. Rocco lived on the 1st floor, east end of the building.”

Humbert was rescued from the Windermere this morning.

Meanwhile, another Windermere cat has been reunited with his owner. Humbert was found this morning, some 37 days after the fire. His two sisters, M2 and Sadie, were rescued earlier.

City Kitties provides a complete guide on how to help the cats and voice your concern on their website here.

Here is an excerpt from the guide:

You can help by donating food (canned or dry), old towels or blankets, and bleach (for cleaning traps) to Project MEOW. Email or visit their facebook page for details. Become a City Kitties foster home so that we can help as many of these cats as possible. Please do NOT place cat food in the area around the building, as this will discourage cats from entering the traps.

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  1. Marketeer Says:

    Wonderful news about Humbert, and I hope all the kitties get out safely.

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